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Why should we make green cars?

Green cars use a fuel that emits either almost no pollution or much less pollution than cars that use gasoline. Switching to a green car is essential to protecting the health of future generations and the environment.

Important Fact

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, automobiles accounted for about 29 percent of greenhouse gases (pollutants that trap heat) in 2006. Cars are responsible 47 percent of the increase in greenhouse gases since 1990 (see Reference 1).


If by 2030 all vehicles on the road used a green fuel such as electricity, the United States could reduce its carbon emissions by 832 million tons each year (see Reference 2).


Driving a green car reduces the need for America to import oil from foreign countries. Converting to all green cars would lower oil imports by 65 percent (see Reference 2).

Health Benefits

Pollutants in the air lower overall health levels and exacerbate respiratory conditions. In addition, they destroy wildlife by changing the ecosystems animals have grown accustomed to over hundreds of years (see Reference 3).


Consumers can estimate how much more gas mileage they can get and carbon emissions they save by switching to a green car using the EPA’s green vehicle guide calculator (see Resources 1).


Environmental Protection Agency: Basic Information Why Do We Need a Green Car?

Environmental Protection Agency: Ecosystems and Biodiversity

More Information:

Environmental Protection Agency: Green Vehicle Guide

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