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Why not more Solar Energy and Wind Turbines no destroying the earth, It's Free?

Plus using solar and wind will also create jobs. Live in an area where they “frack” and the destruction of land, water and air is terrible. Google one of those “frack” ponds and it is scarey what you see! In fact just in one area I can Google three frack ponds one of which is close to a school. Check and see when they do the extraction of the gas it causes “mini” earthquakes how many mini does it take to cause one Large earthquake?

If you think wind and solar are free, or even cost competitive, you have not done the most rudimentary homework.

Wind is typically 3x the cost of coal fired power. It is unreliable; when the wind does not blow, you have to have a conventional power plant to back it up. The average output is about 20% of the installed capacity, so you have to build 5x as many wind generators as you supposedly need. When the wind is less than about 30 knots, the wind farm puts out less than full power, so you have to run the backup power station to take up the difference; but then it is operating at part capacity, so its fuel consumption and emissions per KWH generated are higher. Wind farms are low-intensity, meaning that they take up a lot of land for a given power output. One state figured out that to meet the state's '20% renewable' energy mandate with wind power, they would have to cover 1/5 of the arable land in the state with windmills. The neighbors don't like them and the noise, especially at night. Even with the tiny percentage of the US power consumption we now get from wind (a few percent), the wind farms are killing 440,000 birds a year, and no one knows how many bats. The wind farm at Altamont Pass, CA (east of Oakland) is killing endangered golden eagles at over twice the rate that the population can sustain.

Solar has similar problems, and is even more expensive.

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