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Why do pet adoption agencies require home inspections?

I have been doing some online research into non-profit organizations to adopt my next pet cat from. Every single one requires an application, including references, vet references, some even ask for a commitment to not declaw the cat. I am fine with all that. BUT I'm finding that a lot of these organizations are requiring HOME INSPECTIONS?! To adopt a cat!?


Has anyone here gone through with that?! I want to have another pet, but my goodness. I don't know those people! I don't want strangers inspecting my home… especially if I'm forking out almost 100 bucks for the adoption. Is this normal? I have nothing to hide but I feel like this may be a scam?

I'm pretty sure that I'm just going to go to the Humane society instead… but I kinda fell for a kitty with the private organization. I wonder if there is a way around the inspection?

Hey Cafe Mocha Calm the F*** down. Could you be more rude?! You don't know anything about me or my living situation. I'm a pharmacist with a giant house and just lost my cat that I've had for years. I have plenty of space and love to give I'm a little rusty on the adoption process. :'(

Yea, $100 is a great price for a friend, but I was referring to the fact that most people who would be crappy parents wouldn't even make THAT financial commitment?! I feel that it's pretty irresponsible and catty to refuse an adoption (and forward to all shelters) based on a home inspection referral- especially since 99 % of these adoption agencies require personal references, Vet references, and in some cases contracts. You DO want these animals to find their forever home right? Great people sometimes don't like sharing their homes with other humans.

A cat is a 20 year, up to 20,000+$ commitment. You will raise it as long as you raise most children, if not longer. It requires a safe and clean home, quality food (which is expensive), flea preventative medication (also expensive) and veterinary care. A well-cared for cat will be an indoor cat kept with an owner who understands the dangers of a cat being allowed outdoors.

Rescues and shelters are full of cats whose owners did not realize that pet ownership does not start and end at paying 100$ for a cat. A home inspection allows rescues with limited financial means to interview you and the people you live with, to visually assess the safety of your home, to evaluate any animals that live in the home, and try to make a decision if YOU will be worth THEIR investment in you. The 100$ you pay in no way reflects the much greater sum of money a rescue spends rescuing and providing care for your cat before you adopt it- so really they are “selling” you cats at a financial loss, NOT a gain.

If you turn out to be a “bad investment” on their part, they (or another shelter which also has limited money and resources) have to take your cat back, and pay to provide it care again with money that simply isn't enough to go around. Sometimes, dogs and cats end up back in shelters even more than twice because the “adopters” did not understand the seriousness of their choice!

So, no, a home inspection isn't “too much.” A home inspection reflects the fact that shelters and rescues are low-budget organizations with far greater a need than their resources, and that every failed adoption is a financial cost to them and reduces the animal's chances of readoption. It reflects the fact that bad people DO exist and may want to adopt these animals to harm them.

All things considered, if you understand the responsibility of owning a cat, a home inspection is a small price to pay. In the future, if you decide to adopt an additional animal from another shelter or rescue, you can use the person who did your first home inspection as a rock-solid reference.

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