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What You Need to Know About Green Energy

by Yvonne Fletcher
(London, UK)

You may not realize it but there are numerous businesses and homes taking the initiative in helping the environment by using green energy.Green energy sources are essentially those renewable and sustainable sources that cause no harm to the environment.

Many of the current energy consumption leave a ton of emission in the air, which causes serious consequences such as global warming. The millions of cars on our roads are emitting pollutants into the air as well, so we should at least take public transportation in order to decrease the amount of cars on the road.

From common sense and things you may have read or heard about, you must be aware of some of the advantages of using green energy. The thing people rarely take into account is the disadvantage of using green energy. It may be a surprise to you that something as great as green energy actually has disadvantages, but it is true.

The following are some of the things you should know about green energy and how it may not be the best suited energy source for your needs.

The initial setup process for green energy installations can be quite expensive and could cause second thoughts for consumers. Most businesses understand that the benefits will pay off in the coming years, so they have invested in better green energy sources.

For homes, green energy sources may only start to pay off after a couple of years of constant use. One thing you could be happy about is the fact that your energy costs would be cut by over fifty percent. Apart from the initial costs of installing green energy sources, there are no maintenance costs involved.

When you are using solar energy or wind energy for your operations, it is not always possible to get the same amount of power. Climate changes all the time and one of the factors affected by global warming is climate change.

In a way, this could be considered as a chain reaction, as one change could affect something else in the network. So, with wind energy, can you really expect there to be wind present all the time? The same could be said about the sun, as you won’t always have a bright day for your energy needs. In a way, green energy could sometimes be limited in giving you the needed amount of power.

As you move towards green energy, you will need to sacrifice some important things you may one day need. When you are building a wind power station, you will need a significant amount of land space. The amount of land that you use for your green energy sources could be used to generation millions of dollars in agriculture or even real estate.

In some countries where farming is the number one source of food, it could be a debatable issue when it comes to investing in green energy. Regardless, you should always think about the long term benefits and see whether they outweigh the drawbacks of using green energy.

Updated: June 18, 2013 — 5:39 pm

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