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What Makes Bamboo so Eco-Friendly?

In recent years, many people have renewed their focus on being more environmentally conscious. As a result, bamboo and bamboo-based products have grown in popularity. However, many people are left wondering ‘why bamboo? What makes bamboo so eco-friendly?’

About Bamboo

Many people are aware that bamboo is actually a very hard, sturdy grass―not a wood. In fact, it is approximately sixteen percent harder than maple. However, it’s also one third lighter in weight in comparison to oak. Plus, there are thousands of different species or varieties of bamboo.

Bamboo is considered a renewable resource for several different reasons. First, the majority of bamboo plants can be harvested within three years to five years. In addition, even after the bamboo plants have been harvested, farmers are not required to plant or replant any new bamboo. This is what makes bamboo so eco-friendly: it’s ability to naturally replenish itself without any aid.

The bamboo’s root system constantly sends up new bamboo plants, known as shoots―even after it has been cut down. This constant regrowth means that a single acre of bamboo can produce 20 times more timber than an acre of trees. Not to mention, bamboo also releases approximately 35 percent more oxygen into the air in comparison to a tree of the same size.

Plus, it takes a lot of effort to kill bamboo, even an atomic bomb won’t do the job. In 1945, a bamboo grove at ‘ground zero’ in Hiroshima began sending up new bamboo shoots within days of the blast.

Bamboo Uses

Bamboo has many redeeming qualities, so it is no surprise that the list doesn’t end there. Aside from being great for the environment, bamboo is also great for the economy.

Many people are surprised to hear about how many different products can be made from bamboo. The vast number of potential products add to the eco-friendly nature of bamboo. While many people are aware that bamboo can be used for the obvious: wood floors, picture frames, various home decor items and even cooking utensils―many are unaware that bamboo can also be used to make clothing items, functioning box cars, bicycles and even shampoo or deodorant.

It doesn’t end there: bamboo is also edible.

So, now you know why bamboo is considered to be so eco-friendly. With it’s constant natural replenishment and wide variety of uses, it’s hard to not to take notice.

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