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what are some of the energy efficient principles which should be considered when buying office equipment?


Iinstall compact fluorescent light bulbs or LED lightbulbs

Office Equipment

When looking for new office equipment, make sure to look for the Energy Star label. Fact: A home office that uses an Energy Star computer, printer and fax machine saves enough electricity every year to light your house for four years!

Computer Consumption

When not using your computer or laptop, put your computer to sleep or in stand-by mode. It has this feature built in, so why not take advantage of it? Putting your computer to sleep or in stand-by mode will help you save 80% more energy than when on full-power mode, helping you save on energy consumption because the screen goes blank and the hard-disk stops spinning.

Use a power bar

Even when not in use, your computer or other accessories might be sucking the power right from under your nose. Use a power bar to plug in your computer and related components so that it is easier to switch off all electronics at once, rather than individually.


Recycling helps with this burden. However, if you want to be more eco-friendly, choose 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) paper. Recycled paper reduces and diverts the amount of solid waste that is being sent to the landfill and incinerators. Most of the recycled paper produced is made with a blend of virgin and post-consumer fibres. The higher the level of post-consumer recycled content, the greater the environmental benefits.

Tips For Saving Paper

#1: Photocopy and print on both sides of the page.

#2: E-mail everything. Why use snail-mail, that will waste resources and emit pollution into the atmosphere, in this technologically-advancing world?

#3: Print only what you need. You can set your print settings by choosing to print 2, 4, or 8 pages on one paper.

#4: Use the print preview! This allows you to view what you are about to print, and whether or not you can shorten the pages of printing (can you squeeze in that one line from the second page into the first page?)

#5: Re-size your fonts. Printing notes in 10-point font will save more paper than in 12-point font.

#6: Re-use paper that was printed on one side only. Cut and use quarters of a page for notes, reminders and to-do lists. One sheet of paper can go a long way!

Disks and CDs

Re-using old diskettes is a good way to save on the environment. However, when your computer does not accept them anymore, what do you do then? “GreenDisk Services” will take in old diskettes or CDs for recycling. Buying rewritable CDs are better for the environment, since you can re-use them multiple times. If you live in Canada, check out where you can search up places to drop off your office equipment for free! In fact, across Ontario they are holding free recycing drop-off days at Sears this weekend and next weekend, plus you get coupons to save on the purchases of new electronics!

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