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Want A Lower Electric Bill? ….Follow These 7 Simple Steps

by Rhonda Fleming
(Montreal, Canada)

Many of us could do with a lower electric bill to pay every month. These days it seems as though so many aspects of our life revolve around electricity.

Although this means that more and more opportunities are available to us, it does come at a cost to the environment and our pockets!

Here are a few simple ways that you can start saving electricityaround the home today.

1) Switch Your Lightbulbs

Although this will involve a little upfront investment in new lightbulbs, changing your traditional incandescent light bulbs to energy efficient ones can reduce the energy you use on lighting by as much as 75%!

2) Watch What You’re Charging

When charging devices, such as cell phones, unplug them as soon as they’re finished charging.

Even once they’re fully charged these charging units will continue to use electricity. This is a complete waste of your money!

3) Heating And Cooling Units

Once your heating and cooling units are a few years old it’s important to get them checked regularly to make sure they’re as effective as they can be.

You’ll often find that there are things you can do to make old units more effective, such as insulating water tanks.

4) Drying Dishes In Your Dishwasher

Instead of using drying cycles on the dishwasher, turn this option off and simply allow the dishes to dry in the air.

It doesn’t take long, and it’s a very easy way to cut down on your energy use.

5) Energy Efficient Appliances

Although it’s better for the environment to buy an appliance and use it for as many years as possible, if the need does arise to buy something new you can save energy by choosing an energy efficient appliance.

Most appliances now come with an energy efficiency rating to help you make your decision. Look out for Energy Star if you need more help.

6) Check Your Energy Suppliers

There are now a number of energy suppliers to choose from, and switching could instantly lead to a lower electric bill.

Do some research about the ones in your area and carefully compare their prices. You could make an instant saving this way, without having to make any lifestyle changes!

7) Washing And Drying Clothes

We can’t avoid the fact that we have to do laundry, but we can take steps that will lead to a lower electric bill. For a start, wash clothes in cold water (it really does clean them properly) and leave them to air dry.

If you do use the dryer, make use of dryer balls to dry more effectively, and remove the lint from the dryer each time you use it.

Achieving a lower electric bill will take a little thought about whether you really want to make certain lifestyle changes, and the areas which could benefit the most from a change.

The good news is that we rarely need to sacrifice much to start seeing the changes!

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Updated: November 3, 2013 — 9:32 pm

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