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Useful Tips On How To Lower Your Utility Bills!

by Dave Routledge
(Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

The price of utility bills has risen astronomically over the pass few years. Cost of electricity and gas are expected to increase even more in the future as our sources of energy, such as oil and coal, are slowly being depleted.

All of us should start to lower our energy consumption not only to help lower our utility bills, but it is also our social responsibility to help conserve the earth’s resources for the future generation.

Since almost fifteen to twenty per cent of the electricity consumption of an average household is used on lights, adopting changes in our lighting system and attitude will drastically lower our utility bills.

If you want to lower your utility bills, then you have to do something about your lighting system.

Here are some tips how could start saving electricity.

Turn off lights when not in use.

The first rule in saving electricity is by turning off the lights that aren’t in use. You should teach your children at an early age to have a habit of turning off the light as they go. This simple conscious effort is crucial in helping you save energy.

Change to energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL).

Another important way to save on electricity is by replacing incandescent bulbs with energy-saving fluorescent lights.

Energy consumption of incandescent lights is much higher than regular fluorescent lights because they need to heat up a filament inside the bulb in order to produce light. In fact, 90% of energy consumed by incandescent lights is geared into heating up this filament.

Just by merely replacing your incandescent bulbs with energy-saving fluorescent bulbs, you are saving about 66%.

Energy-saving fluorescent bulbs, particularly the compact fluorescent lights, aside from using only 25% of the energy consumption of traditional incandescent light bulbs, are also longer lasting.

In fact, they are estimated to last as much as ten times more than traditional bulbs. Although they are much more expensive than traditional light bulbs, you will end up saving more in the future.

You can still keep incandescent light bulbs for ambient lighting, but be sure to use fluorescent bulbs in areas where lights are used at least two hours a day.

Aside from replacing incandescent light bulbs with CFLs, you should also be mindful of the wattage of your bulbs. Make sure that your overhead fixtures use lights with a lower wattage.

Since there are many energy lamps available, it would also be more energy efficient to use desk or floor lamps if you are reading or doing close-up jobs.

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Updated: January 31, 2013 — 12:52 am

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