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Turning left on a green light help?

Ok ive been wondering what to do in this situation because its only happened to me once but it could happen any time. When your making a left turn on a green light you go part way into the intersection and then wait for traffic to pass untill it is safe to make the turn. What happens if the light turns red while your in the middle of the intersection? Do you just sit there in the middle of the intersection or what?? thanks for the help

I believe you aren't actually supposed to cross the line until you can get through the intersection fully. So the letter of the law says that if there is oncoming traffic you stay behind the white line until it's clear and then proceed through. If you can't make it all the way through you don't cross the line. That way if the light turns red before traffic clears you aren't sitting out in the middle of the intersection. Now the reality is that if you always follow this rule you may never turn and end up growing old at the intersection.

The letter of the law also says that it's only considered running the light if you cross the line while the light is red. If you cross while it's green you are OK. If the light turns while you are waiting, you wait till oncoming traffic stops and then you proceed to make your left turn. There is always a delay between when your light turns red and the other turns green. I have always done it this way. My personal addendum to this is if there is already one car in the middle of the intersection waiting to turn left, wait behind the line until they go. It's safer that way. I have never seen anyone pulled over for doing this.

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