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Tips on the Best Roof Materials to Save Energy

by Barry Bozeman
(California, USA)

We hope that you enjoy our article covering the best roof materials to help you save energy. There are many different materials, these are just the most common used:

Metal Roofing

While many people would not think metal roofing to be energy efficient, they are actually one of the most energy efficient materials to use on your new roof. Apart from being one of the most common materials on the market for roofing material, aluminum and steel are very affordable.

Not only that, but they are fire resistant in case of a fire, they can withstand some of the most harsh weather (for people that live in areas that get harsh weather), and they are very strong. If you live in an area that receives harsh weather, heavy rains or storms often, you might want to look into metal roofing.

Recycled Shingles

If you are looking to create a roof that is friendly to the environment, then you are going to want to consider using recycled shingles. What is wrong with the 15-year non recycled shingles? Not only are they very disposable but they contain very toxic chemicals that will evaporate when the sun warms your roof.

Therefore, what this means is, while your home is sitting there and the sun is shining down on it; your roof and home and roof are actually polluting the air by releasing toxic chemicals into it. Furthermore, you only have to replace recycled shingles every 50 years as opposed to the non-recycled which must be replaced every 15.

Energy Star Roof

There is one essential thing you should be looking for when you are picking out a roof and that is the energy star seal of approval. What these do is quite amazing actually. When the sun is out and it is a blistering hot day, these roofs can actually lower the temperature by a substantial amount and will then in turn reduce the amount of heat that gets into the building.

While many people do not know to look for Energy Star roofing, you could be saving a lot of money on your electricity as well during those hot summer days as less heat is entering the building.

Tile Roof

Clay and concrete are essentially, what makes up tile roofing material. The main reason people like to use tile roof is not only because of the weather resistant capabilities, but people like shaping their roof into fun shapes or custom designs.

If you are looking for two of the best options for tile roof, then you are going to want to look at clay and slate. Your home will be cooler in the summer if you use corrugated clay because this material encourages air flow on the roof and stops the sun from heating it up.

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam

These are highly energy efficient but are not commonly found on residential buildings or in residential neighborhoods. You more than likely will find polyurethane on a commercial building or buildings with a flat rooftop.

The elastomeric coating that is applied to the foam after the foam has been laid down will provide some protection from the sun and the damages it can do to your roof. However, it is not exactly the most attractive roofing because it is sprayed on material rather than actual shingles or a flat material.

Author Bio: Barry Bozeman writes for Roof a roofing contractor that handles all sorts of roofing issues from repairs to new roofs.

Updated: November 5, 2013 — 11:25 pm

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