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Tips on Being Energy Efficient With Water Heating

by Alana Day
(California, USA)

Water heating bills or any form of house related bills can prove to be very expensive. However, many do not realize there are ways to reduce some of that monthly cost they are required to pay. Water heating is no different.

The trick is to be energy efficient. Bills usually come about as the result of the excessive amount energy is being used. When a homeowner becomes energy efficient, they are more likely to save energy which consequently allows them to save money.

Although it takes time and maintenance, seeing a lower utility bill is worth it. Here are some ways to become more energy efficient when dealing with water heating in your home.

Conserving hot water can be done by fixing leaks, purchasing a dishwasher/clothes washer that is energy efficient, and by installingfixtures that are of a low-flow variety. A leak that falls at the rate of one drop for every second can equate to a total of one dollar every month.

This is a very unnecessary dollar and a dollar that quickly adds up to more and more additional dollars. So fixing leaks that may be in fixtures becomes quite an important task. This means faucets, pipes, and showerheads. And if the water heater you own is leaking, it is time to invest in a new water leak. There is simply no fixing that particular damage or the money not bothering to replace it can potentially cost you.

Water savings that range from 20-60% can be acquired by you changing a showerhead to one that is a low-flow showerhead, a low-flow fixture that costs $10-20. That is not an arm or a leg at all. In places where you can replace fixtures with low-flow fixtures, invest in low-flow fixtures. It saves you money that could have been spent on an excessive use of water.

Washing both clothes and dishes attribute to some of the biggest costs of water heating. This is because generally to wash clothes and wash dishes, there needs to be hot water and a very generous supply of it.

However, if dishwashers and laundry machines are replaced for energy efficient ones, energy is saved. When replacing your dishwasher, look for how much energy the dishwasher uses by looking on the EnergyGuide label. Also, inquire whether or not it includes a booster heater. Booster heaters always equates to an energy efficient dishwasher.

Washing machines may not need to be replaced at all, just adjusted. Instead of depending on hot water, depend on cold water or warm water as a way to wash your clothes. Hot water costs the most money in terms of heating the water to make it that way, while cold water is how the water already is.

If you do need to replace the washing machine, make sure that the machine has adjustments that will allow you to change water levels and water temperatures in accordance to different loads. These washers also typically come with an effective spin-dry option that will end up resulting in quicker drying time in your dryer which means even more energy is saved.

There are a lot of ways to efficiently save energy on water heating, these were just a few. The most common way to make a change is to change the way you rely on water, as illustrated above. Conserving water is a vital key to saving on your monthly water heating costs. Although changing is not always easy, it is well worth it. Happy energy saving!.

Updated: November 10, 2013 — 1:31 pm

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