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The Importance Of Wind Energy To Mankind

The wind has been harnessed and used as an energy source by people in the past and as long as the wind continues to blow, its power can be harnessed to power almost anything including our household appliances. The wind is converted into electricity creating wind energy so that it can be used as a source of power.

The energy that comes directly from sunlight creates difference in temperature, pressures and densities within the air. Hence with the use of wind machines, wind and air masses that are created by sun can be turned into electrical power. This is a great self renewable source of energy that will never run out.

Wind energy has little to no damaging affect on the environment unlike other energy sources do, such as coal, gas, oil and nuclear generated power. Large scale use of wind energy has the potential to greatly cut down and even eliminate global warming and climate change and their affects on the earth. It will also greatly reduce pollution that occurs in many other forms such as acid rain, smog and haze, and the high mercury contamination within our water supply.

Working of wind energy

Wind turbines are the names given to most of the wind energy systems of today. Their size might vary and the presence of the blades on the wind turbines collects the winds kinetic energy. This in turn drives the shaft that is connected to a generator below, which is where the electricity is produced .It depends a lot on where you reside whether you want to go with wind or with solar energy. If you live in some areas where there is little sunshine and more of wind blowing, it is more practical to build a windmill than to build solar panels.

But frankly speaking, it is really good to have both as you can take advantage of both the sun and the wind as alternative energy resources

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