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Solar return chart, what do they tell you? What can you learn from them?

here is my chart…

Solar Returns indicate the main theme for the year and sets the tone. But they are dependent of directions. They must be compared with the natal chart. If there is conflict between the two, the natal chart predominates. The rising sign and the house cusp it represents in the natal chart are the prime focus for the year. The house that the Sun is in points at a major issue for the year, and shows where a great deal of energy is being applied. It shows the basic life pattern for the year, and if there are many aspects to the Sun, it will be a very active year. The Ascendant in the Solar Return operates according to the nature of the natal house it occupies. It could be stated, as a principle for interpretation of annual charts, that the natal house in which the Ascendant of the Solar Return falls is always connected with the most important event of the year, or with the characteristic conditions of the life during the year. The nature of the natal house “puts its stamp” on the year and indicates the central interest that will dominate all the other interests of the native. Then comes the Midheaven, planets in any angles etc…

With Libra rising in your SR, it generally indicates reconciliations or partnerships with people outside of the family. Frequently strangers bring more happiness than the family because this is permanently a position of the worldly and social life (it is seen in years corresponding to marriages and all sorts of unions). The increase of associates and clientele, membership in groups and receipt of invitations may all result.

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