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Should You Build Your Own or Buy Solar Panels?

by Don Brodderick
(Portland, Oregon, USA)

So are you planning to switch over to solar energy? Well this is surely going to be one decision which you will never regret in your lifetime.

You must be aware of the fact that you need to have solar panelsinstalled before you can generate any solar energy. You will find the market flooded with solar panels.

You are most probably giving a thought now as to which solar panel to buy from the market. But keep in mind that you also have an alternative which is to build your own solar panel.

Yes, you can build your own solar panel!! All you need to do for that is get the materials required and go to the internet to find out how to build your own panel.

Home made panels are definitely a lot cheaper, and you get to choose the size of the panels as well. Also consider the fact that when you buy the panels from the shop you have no way of checking if the panels are really eco-friendly or not.

If the panels you are buying are not made in a carbon- neutral manner then your entire aim of switching to eco-friendly source of energy gets defeated!!

The most important component for making the solar energy is obviously the solar cells. These are photovoltaic cells which have silicon molecules. These molecules react with sunlight.

Other components include things like plywood for the base, wires of copper, solder to connect these wires, glass for the front frame, and a material with which you will make the entire body frame of the panel.

Or You Can Buy solar panels

For generating solar energy you need to buy solar panels. Solar panelstrap the sunlight which is then converted into electrical energy. Switching over to solar energy is sure to make you feel proud about your decision in the long run.

We are saying “long run” because thee are chances that you might feel it to be a waste of your money when you consider it in the short run.

The reason for such feeling is the amount of money you will have to shed when you buy solar panels. Yes, solar panels are pretty expensive.

In recent times the price of solar panels has gone down a lot but it still is quite expensive. But in the long run it will prove to be a very good investment.

There are many who prefer making their own solar panels. This is a good idea since you get to control the size and the quality of the material used. Not just that you also learn the internal mechanism of the solar panels.

However professional solar panels are definitely more efficient and more likely to be flawless. You will also get guarantee on the solar panels if you buy them from the store.

You will not get the same guarantee on solar panels which you make at home. So it is better to buy solar panels.

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Updated: January 31, 2013 — 12:52 am

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