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Saving Money On Heating Bills

Saving Money On Heating Bills

Saving Money On Heating Bills….with energy costs higher this winter than ever before in our recent history, you need to find ways to cut down on home heating bills. I have compiled some practical tips that are easy and convenient to help reduce the heating bill at home considerably!.

Saving Money – Even a series of small changes add up to big savings during a long & cold winter!….and the added benefit you really do not need to be professional either. Some take just a couple minutes of your time and all will end up by saving money!.

Here’s Ten tips that I’ve personally implemented to help saving money on heating bills costs:

1. First go down in the basement and lower the setting on the water heater thermostat by around ten degrees lower. I wouldn’t go lower than 115 to 120 degrees. The controller is usually a red button on the front of the water tank near the bottom.

2. When you are downstairs, also make sure you have clean air filters on the central heating systems. A clogged air filter forces the furnace blower to work much harder and stay running longer and therefore consume more energy whilst it is heating your home.

3. Check air ducts for holes, cracks or leaks. In the case of any leaks or disconnected ducts into them, heating costs could be 25% higher than when these openings are sealed. If you can not do it yourself, hire a professional. This expert can also clean the ducts and increase the overall efficiency of your furnace.

4. Turn the home thermostats down a couple degrees lower. Trust me, you won’t feel the difference & it really saves you money!. It may not seem like a big difference for you, but you can see a difference when you get the lower bill each month!

5. While we’re talking about the home thermostat if it is not programmable, change it now for a programmable one. Programmable thermostats are not very expensive and are easy to install and program. The reason for changing to programmable ones is that you can set the thermostat controls lower whilst you are at work, then increase the temperature for when you get home. What is the point of heating the house during the day when there is nobody at home?.

6. Heat rises, right? then make sure you have suitable insulation in the attic. If the ceiling is not properly insulated, the heat in your home (and money) goes through the roof. Literally! It will take some work, but after the work is done, this tip is sure to help saving money over the years.

If you plan to install the insulation yourself wearing a mask and gloves is a good idea to use when handling the insulation material because it can irritate your skin. Measure the square footage of attic and buy rolls of insulation, higher than F-13 but not more than F-30.

7. Find the holes and openings! If you were able to add all the little holes and gaps that exist in your home, it’s probably the equivalent of having a small window open all the time throughout the winter!, letting the cold air in and the warm air out. Take time to look for gaps around doors, windows, vent dryer, and much more. Put weather stripping around windows and doors. You can buy a foam insulation that comes with a straw, which allows you to fill small spaces. It expands to fill the cracks. Tasks, this was fun to go around and find all the openings in the house.

8. Close the heating valves in the rooms that you do not need. I have a room in my house that is not currently in use. I close the vents, doors and windows tightly closed to minimize energy consumption. Why waste money heating rooms or additional space in your home, you will not even use it?

9. During daytime it’s amazing how the sun shines in the home helps to raise the temperature. Open drapes and shades over windows during the day to allow the winter sun to heat your house, we need all the FREE energy help we can get during these cold winter months.

10. When not using your fireplace, be sure to close the valve. Fireplaces can hurt or help your heating bill. When closed, check to see if the cold is still seeping in. When you use your fireplace, turn down the thermostat or turn it off.

Saving Money On Heating Bills….you can usually complete most of these tips in just a single day, you can then sit back & enjoy the savings over the coming years!. Take the time to complete these tips and you significantly reduce your home heating costs. By completing each of these tips, my home energy costs are about 25% lower than 12 months ago, providing savings of around $ 100 per month!…..well worth the time & expense to do, let alone the positive effects to our environment by your reduced demands on our ever diminishing global resources!

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