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Save Non Renewable Resources of Energy by Using Alternative Energy Sources

Energy is defined as “the ability to do work” or in simple layman language “amount of power which can reposition an object”.
Energy forms: – There are different forms of energies, such as kinetic, elastic, sound, light, nuclear or electromagnetic.

Sources of Energy: – There are two types of sources of energy:
a)    Renewable
b)    Non-Renewable
Renewable Sources of Energy: These are the sources of energy which can be generated again and again. For example, energy generated from sun, tides, rain and wind. The advantages of renewable sources of energy are that these sources of energy are available in abundance and are free of cost. Apart from that due to less carbon emissions, these are considered as environment friendly. The main disadvantage is that the initial set up cost is very high. Moreover, it is difficult to use solar energy during night and rainy seasons.
Non-Renewable Sources of Energy: These are the limited sources of energy existing in the form of fossil fuels, once finished cannot be regenerated. Coal, natural gas and oil are non-renewable sources of energy. Non-Renewable Sources of energy too have some advantages and disadvantages. Advantage is that they are cheap and easy to use. Moreover it is considered cheap during transformation to another type of energy. Disadvantages are that these are endangered resources and will run out one day. Since they release harmful gases when burnt, they even cause global warming.
Now the question arises that why we should conserve energy. The answer to this is simple, just to protect our environment.  As we all know that the fossil fuels which are our non-renewable sources of energy once finished cannot be renewed, therefore they must be correctly used. These are even responsible for carbon emissions and global warming.

This conservation of energy has resulted in popularity of Alternate Energy Sources. These sources of energy are an option to fossil fuel. Fossil fuels which include coal, natural gas and oil are the fuels formed in past because of the macrobiotic remains of living organisms. As we all know with the increase in population all around the world, the demand for fossil fuels has increased. This has even led to energy crisis and hence cost of energy has increased significantly. Due to these crises, nowadays people have started looking for some other option that is sustainable.  The main advantage of these energy sources is that they are renewable and supply energy without releasing harmful gases.
Today many companies have introduced these energy sources as main part of their electricity production process.  No doubt, after so much of awareness regarding use of these energy resources, there are some people who do not take it seriously. One should understand that why these renewable sources of energy play an important part in our lives.
There are many companies in the market who can help you out for making these sources of energy available to you. You can send them email or can make a phone call. So, do not hesitate to contact them as soon as possible. The process of making a change to protect our environment can start from a single person only.

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