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Renewable Energy – Wind Power

Renewable Energy – Wind Power

Renewable Energy – Wind Power….renewable technologies are technologies that receive their power from nature such as the wind, the sun, water or even plant and animal matter. Being able to use renewable technologies and generating your own heat and power means you are no longer dependent on resources such as fossil fuels (hence you make a positive impact on the environment).

It also means a potential reduction in your energy bills, as well as sometimes being able to generate income for you depending on the technology that you use.

What Is Renewable Energy – Wind Power?

The United Kingdom has some of the highest wind speeds in Europe and around 2.5% of all of Britain’s electricity is provided by wind energy. Large wind farms are now generating electricity for energy companies and there are also individual buildings that generate their own power through wind turbines and sell any excess back to the grid.

What Are the Benefits of Using Wind Power?

There are many benefits to using wind power. Next to making a positive contribution towards saving the environment and reducing your energy bills, wind turbines also:

• Require minimal maintenance
• Will run very well in the United Kingdom, where 40% of Europe’s wind resource is available
• Continue to generate power during the night and winter months
• Can be mounted onto a pole or building

What Wind Turbines Are Available to Generate Wind Power?

The following wind turbines are currently available:

• Horizontal turbines – these stand on top of a tower and their blades point into the wind, much like an airplane propeller. The generator rotates to align with the wind and to turn away from the wind under high winds to prevent damage. As the tower needs to be very securely anchored into the ground, a guyed pole is generally more applicable for domestic use.
• Vertical turbines – these have a main rotor shaft that runs vertically. This means that the generator and/or gearbox can be placed lower and near to the ground. As the turbine does not need to point straight into the wind, these turbines are very well suited to areas that have turbulent winds without the risk of damage.
• Building mounted turbines – these turbines are very new and can be installed straight onto a building. Hence, there is no need to purchase a freestanding tower or foundations. Both vertical and horizontal axis machines are available. These turbines are generally used for smaller buildings, as they will not generate as much energy. It is also important to ensure the building is able to take the weight and stress off the turbine itself.

Income through Wind Power

If you generate your own wind power, you can naturally use this to power your property. Any surplus can be sole back to the grid. On average, it is expected you would generate around £2,670($4.3k) per year, that you would export around £220($350) and that your current electricity bills would reduce by £310($496). This means your total savings and income generated would be around £3,200($5.1k).

So, by choosing wind power as a renewable energy, you will not only make a positive impact on the environment by reducing your reliance on non renewable fuels and by reducing your carbon footprint, you would also save yourself quite a lot of money and even be able to earn some!

Updated: December 6, 2012 — 12:50 pm

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