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Renewable Energy Resources – Wind Power

Wind power is the newly discovered source of energy. Wind is known to have kinetic energy which can be converted into electrical energy with the use of the right technology. We can say goodbye to our finite sources of energy such as fossil fuels, gas, and oils. However, before we do that, let us first know how wind power works.

What Is Wind Power?

As already stated above, it is a solar energy. You might ask “How does it become a solar energy when it comes from the wind?” The reason for this is that it is a result of solar energy. The sun provides heat to the earth unevenly, resulting in an uneven temperature. The difference in temperature from one place to another causes the movement of the air which we call wind. That is why the wind is clearly coming from solar energy.

The wind carries kinetic energy which can be turned into a more useful energy such as mechanical power or electrical power. With the advanced technology today, successfully converting the energy is very much possible. The converted energy is what we call as the wind power.

Analyzing the Process

The most common device that is used today to produce wind power is none other than the wind turbine. To be able to understand how it works, we must also understand how a wind turbine works.

The wind turbine captures kinetic energy through the wind. Capturing it makes the blades of the turbine turn. The blades are located around its rotor, which is connected to its main shaft. The shaft its responsible for spinning the generator. On the other hand, the generator is the one that produces electricity. That is how it works. It is a very simple concept, right? However, it is important to remember that not everyone can afford a wind turbine. Therefore, using wind power for the purpose of supplying electricity is not possible for every single person. The device is quite expensive. Another thing is that you have to allot a portion of land for your wind turbine tower.

How Beneficial Is It?

Now that you know how wind power works, the next thing you want to know is how beneficial is it. Wind power is very beneficial especially to Mother Earth. Wind power reduces the greenhouse gas emission. It is a renewable and clean source of energy supply. The only downfall of this source is that the wind is not consistent with its force. Sometimes, it can be as low as zero force but it can also be as high as storm force.

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