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Renewable And Nonrenewable Energy Sources

It is the current talk of nations around the world – what are we going to do in regards to energy? For the last couple of centuries we have not really known all the implications of using and maintaining our current sources of energy. Not much thought truly went into the effects these sources will play on the future state of the planet.

However, modern research has shown that may have been a foolish act. More and more scientific studies are showing that there are drastic differences in terms of environmental impact of renewable and nonrenewable energy. Primarily, it has shown that the environmental damage caused by nonrenewable energy must be avoided at all costs.

Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Sources

Both provide us with the same thing – electricity – but what they both don’t do is deliver it cleanly and repeatedly. You see nonrenewable energy is just as it sounds: a source of energy that is not able to be replenished. To understand this we must first answer the question of what exactly is nonrenewable energy. Well to put it simply through example these forms of energy are ones such as petroleum, coal or natural gas. These methods account for a combined consumption of over 80% of the world’s energy.

There is reason to be alarmed at this figure as renewable and nonrenewable energy also differs greatly in the level of pollution involved in its use. The process of gathering oil or petroleum in particular has recently been called into question. Recent environmental disasters involving oil spills have cost millions in repair fees and have destroyed ecosystems in areas such as the Gulf Coast that some scientists believe will never be the same again.

However, the damage is not just an isolated occurrence. Environmental damage is also being reviewed when it comes to actually burning the oil to produce energy. Often is the case in gasoline, a derivative of petroleum, which is used in the common automobile. The production of energy from gasoline requires igniting some of the liquid in order to create combustion which power the engines where it is used. In doing so high levels of carbon dioxide are found to escape out into the environment causing concern around the world.

The scary part about nonrenewable energy is that the sources are finite and can run out eventually which leaves many concerned enough to look into alternative means of gathering energy that are both renewable and cleaner.

One of the main discussions taking place at this moment is the one of solar energy advantages and disadvantages. Solar energy is a resource that is more than plentiful; it is shining down on our planet daily and is absolutely free. Even better, to obtain it does not require sacrificing the environment around us.

There are other renewable energies being perfected everyday such as wind power and biofuels.

In recent times many organizations such as North American Power are turning to using green energy means as a form of fundraising and seeing great results too. Groups such as religious organizations and sports teams are partnering up with the nation’s providers of renewable energy to establish plan fundraising programs that can provide ongoing means of funds to help keep their non-profits operating. This fundraising is having profound effects as the payments are continuous where as other means such as bake sales and car washes can only provide results once per event.

The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun. RALPH NADER

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