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Pedatric Bronchitis Treated with Natural, At-Home Remedies

Bronchitis in children can be a life threatening health complication when the condition turns into pneumonia. For many parents, finding ways in which to naturally treat health ailments is important, especially in their children. While bronchitis is a condition that you can obtain pediatric care for, and use traditional medicine for treatment, some parents are turning to more natural ways of treating bronchitis as way to manage a child’s immune system while also saving money on health expenses.

Home therapy for bronchitis in children is rather simple and cost effective to coordinate but may pediatricians caution it may be challenging to get a child with bronchitis to comply. It is this irregular compliance that may ultimately lead to a worsening of your child’s bronchitis thereby resulting in the need for more traditional medical approaches.

If you are considering the natural treatments for bronchitis in your child, there are just a few remedies to consider. First, you will want to purchase eucalyptus oil as well as mullein, an herb that can be purchased in most herbal supply shops. With the eucalyptus oil, you can make a home aromatherapy treatment by heating the oil in water and then allowing the vapors from the hot water to come over your child’s mouth and face. The vapors of eucalyptus will improve your child’s breathing.

Mullein, an herbal remedy is known for its ability to relax muscles. For children with bronchitis, this muscle relaxation effect can reduce coughing and allow mullein to act as a natural cough suppressant. To use this remedy, simply boil some mullein in hot water and allow your child to drink the homemade tea when the water has reached room temperature.

Encouraging your child’s health through diet is also important. Foods such as sesame seeds, onion, ginger, garlic and even spinach area all great foods with healing properties that are key to overcoming bronchitis. This, of course, is a diet that is typically not conducive to the taste buds of children and this, therefore, is the reason that many pediatricians find children may become non-complaint in home therapy for bronchitis.

Bronchitis, like any upper respiratory complication in children, can be challenging to treat. If you are looking for home remedies, try these natural solutions but always check with your pediatrician to ensure your child is given the best possible opportunity to prevent a condition from turning into pneumonia. With early treatment, most children can overcome bronchitis naturally.

Sources: Natural Living Today, 2008: pp. 9-15.

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