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Packaging & Recycling are Part of the Green Scene!

by Sue Bond
(Philadelphia, USA)

From organic foods to green cars, more and more people and even companies and businesses are making the switch to going green. Recycling is a major one, and packaging for foods and merchandise is also becoming a large one.

Due to the ever rising issue with pollution and global warming, more products such as packaging are being made of biodegradable materials. Many businesses and companies are using this eco-friendly packaging.

Going Green with Packaging

For people looking to be more eco-friendly with packaging in the home and in the office, consider using paper bags as opposed to film or plastic bags. Paper bags will allow your vegetables and your fruits breathe a little better.

Paper bags can also absorb most of the condensation and other moisture elements. If you are looking for an alternative to using plastic in your kitchen, newspapers or even brown paper can do the trick just fine.

As an alternative to cling film, grease proof paper is becoming more and more popular. You can pack sandwiches in this paper or Tupperware can be used in its place.

These containers can be reused over and over again for years before having to toss them, and when it does come time to toss them, you can recycle them.

You can also opt for using freezer bags as they too can be used more than once. This reduces the amount of disposable dishes and containers you use as this can in the end result in polluting the earth and the environment rather fast. This affects the air we breathe, and if we breathe bad air, it can result in many health ailments.

When you are at the store, buy your vegetables and fruit loose. Don’t buy them in bags or cling film of any kind. Carry a bamboo bag or those reusable cloth bags that are designed to help save on plastic bags.

These are becoming more and more popular and stores are starting to carry them to cut down on the cost of paper and plastic bags. While there is a small charge, they can be used multiple times and will pay for themselves in one visit to the store.

There are more items that are being packaged in green containers andpackaging, and these things should be chosen over traditional packagingitems. Eggs and other food items are now being packaged in more eco-friendly packaging as well.


Recycling is one of the most popular and beneficial ways to help the planet and to do your part with going green and living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Recycling can help to save the planet in more than one way.

Many people feel that it’s inconvenient, but think about it; you’re going to throw all of that stuff somewhere anyways, so why not throw it in a recycling bin as opposed to the trash? Recycling is the simplest thing you can do and yet one of the biggest ways to help the planet.

By recycling you are helping to save the trees that produce oxygen, and unnecessary use and waste is reduced. The more landfills fill up with trash, the more resources have to be used, and the supply is not limitless, which is one fact that people fail to realize.

Recycling can also help save chemicals being used in manufacturing things and can help save mineral ores, timber and even petroleum.

Recycling additionally can help any damage being done to the earth’s rainforests, streams, rivers, wetlands, and lakes. These are all places that natural wildlife need and can make the environment a healthier and more beautiful place to live.

Recycling can reduce the amount of global warming and by reducing the amount of energy we use the amount of gas emissions and other pollutants to the air is reduced as well.

Landfills are becoming full much too fast, but by recycling you can reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills.

Harmful chemicals escape from landfills and seep not only into the air, but also into the water we use and drink. The more you recycle, the more you can eliminate this problem.

By taking one small step and starting somewhere to help this planet, it becomes a better and healthier place to live. Air is cleaner and life can be enjoyed. Perhaps you can begin with recycling as this is known to be the most difficult issue at present.

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Updated: August 31, 2013 — 11:46 am

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