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Outdoor Solar Lighting

If you have lights outdoors, why not let the sun power them?

Outdoor Solar Lighting, like all Solar Power, is clean, natural and sustainable.

solar energy home can help you reduce your energy usage which helps reduce pollution. How? By using Solar Energy, we put less of a strain on the power plants that cause pollution.

How Outdoor Solar Lighting Works

Sunlight is collected and stored in a battery so when you need the light, it’s ready to go. Some can even collect sunlight on cloudy days. And they work with no wires. A Solar Light has two parts: the light itself and the solar panel.

The solar panel collects the energy so it must be in the sun to charge the battery.

Some units have the light and the panel together in one piece and some units separate the light and panel. This allows you to put the light where you want it, even in a spot that does not receive much sunlight, as long as the panel is in the sun.

Note: There is usually a limited distance you can separate the light from the panel. Some lights allow a larger distance between the two.

Where To Use Outdoor Solar Lighting

Because they work without wires, they can be especially useful in hard to reach or tight spots. They come in many decorative and functional styles that work great for:

Lighting In And Around The Pool: Solar works for safety lighting and lights that will add ambiance. Put them on the ground or put them on a wall like the Solar Multi-Light. Go enjoy your outdoor pool in the evening without increasing your energy bill! Outdoor Solar LightingSolar Multi-Light
Security Lighting: Buying an awesome home security system in conjunction with security lighting is a great start in keeping our homes safe, but it’s expensive to leave lights on all night. Flood lights, porch lights, motion sensor lights, pathway lights, driveway lighting – all are good candidates for solar lighting. Motion sensor lights work great for those dark spots that only need light when people are coming or going. Energy efficient, longer bulb and battery life are the criteria you must find in good spotlights. Solar Security Lighting
Solar Sensor Dual Light
Decorative Lighting: Garden and pathway lights can really make a garden or yard look fabulous but do you really want to spend energy andmoney just for decoration? You don’t have to. Solar energy is clean and free so you won’t feel guilty about your decorative lighting.You’ll find several styles of decorative solar lighting; some at ground level like the Slate Solar Stepping Stone (Set of 2) and others elevated at various heights. Solar Decorative Lighting
Slate Solar Stepping Stone (Set of 2)

Holiday Lighting: Yes, you can even get Solar Christmas lights to save you money during the holidays.

Solar lights are sometimes softer that non solar. For most people, the softer outdoor solar light is just fine and sometimes better. Check product descriptions carefully if you’re looking for a really bright light.

See examples of these different solar lighting styles by visiting Kichler outdoor lights at Kichler Superstore website from the comfort of your own home.

Make All Your Lights Energy Efficient

Use Energy Efficient Bulbs. These bulbs use less energy and last longer than regular lighting saving you even more money! Energy Efficient Bulbs can be used in both solar and non solar lighting.

And don’t forget to look for the Energy Star label because products bearing this label meet strict energy efficiency guidelines and will save you energy and money.

Solarize your home with Gaiam.

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