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Non renewable and renewable energy…?

Why is non renewable bad and why is renewable better?

Please have a big and long answer that makes sense.

Renewable energy is a fuel source that naturally recreates itself, or can be artificially recreated as fast as it is used up. Fire wood is an example. Trees grow fast enough that you can cut and burn them for fuel forever, if you don't need too much heat. If you don't cut too many, they grow back as fast as you cut them.

Non renewable energy is a fuel that does not recreate itself or cannot be made artificially as fast as it is used up. Coal is an example. Coal does not grow. It is dug out of the ground and when it is all dug up, no more gets made. Eventually, in hundreds of years, all the coal in the world will have been dug up and burned and then there will be none left.

Petroleum (oil) is another non renewable fuel. But there are ways to make artificial fuels similar to oil, such as bio diesel or ethanol that can replace petroleum. But just like with trees for firewood, where you can only grow so many trees a year, they can only make so much ethanol and bio diesel a year, and it isn't nearly enough. People and companies are working very hard to find ways to make more and make it faster and cheaper, but so far we cannot keep up with how much the world wants to use, and we are still using up the limited world supply of oil in the ground.

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