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New Roof Checklist

You definitely want to use this checklist to help prepare for buying your New Roof.Feel free to add to this list and make additional notes!

First, answer the first set of questions. A contractor may ask these questions and the more information you can provide, the better s/he can help you with your New Roof. And don’t be afraid to ask the contractor questions!

Second, get at least 3 written estimates. Use the second section to record information collected during and after the estimate.

Third, compare your written estimates and choose the one that’s best for you. Try not to look only at the price. Price is, or course, the major consideration but make sure you take into account the product and its warranty and the quality of the company itself.

PDF Version of Checklist

Let’s get started…

Age of the Home:

Built In __________ or __________ Years Old

Age of the Existing Roof:

__________ Years Old

Approximate Square Footage of Roof/Home:

____________ /___________

Type of Existing Roof:

_____ Asphalt
_____ Foam
_____ Membrane
_____ Metal
_____ Rolled
_____ Shingle
_____ Tile
_____ Metal
_____ Other
_____ not sure

Roof Pitch:

Exact Pitch _________


_____ Low-Sloped _____ Steep-Sloped _____ Not Sure

Any leaks?

_____ Yes – Location_________________________________________

_____ No _____ Not Sure

Other Problems with Roof?

_____ Yes (ex. poor drainage, broken or missing tiles, weather damage, etc. )


_____ No

What, if any, repairs have been made to the roof?


Get at least 3 written estimates for your New Roof and record the following information:

Company Name:


When can installation begin?

_____ less than 1 week _____ 1-2 weeks _____ 3-5 weeks

_____ more than 5 weeks

How long will this project take?

_____ Days _____ Weeks

If the project takes take more than one day, what precautions will be taken to protect the unfinished work while the installers are away?

How long is the warranty?

_____ Five-Year _____ Ten-Year _____ Twenty-Year _____ Lifetime _____ Other

Is the warranty transferable if the home is sold?

_____No _____Yes

List any restrictions on transferring the warranty :


Is this an Energy Star Product?

_____ Yes _____ No
(Energy Star products meet strict energy efficiency guidelines and will save energy.)

Is it Eligible for an Energy Efficient Tax Break?

_____ Yes _____ No

What is the Roof’s Emmissivity? ________
(A Roof’s Emmissivity is how quickly it releases heat it has absorbed.)

What is the Roof’s Reflectivity?________
(The higher the number, the more reflective the roof.)

What type of maintenance does this roof require?

Is it safe to walk on this roof?

_____ Yes _____ No

Are there any special features/advantages to this company and its roof?

Are there any drawbacks/disadvantages of this company and its roof?

PDF Version of Checklist

Updated: October 22, 2013 — 12:21 pm

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