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Making Your Bathroom More Eco-Friendly

cr_e4aa9bb63dcb87e50983b29a524919e4Making Your Bathroom More Eco-Friendly….While you may not be ready to go off the grid and live a totally green lifestyle, you probably understand the importance of preserving the earth’s resources.

As such, you might be trying to come up with ways to pitch in and do your part to create a sustainable environment. Therefore, you might want to consider implementing the following tips to make your bathroom more eco-friendly.

1) Use Recycled Paper

This is probably pretty obvious. However, a lot of people still don’t think to make sure they are using toilet paper and other paper products, such as paper towels, that are made from recycled materials. Nonetheless, with there being many eco-friendly brands and versions of products on the market today, there is no reason not to use recycled paper goods these days. However, some products may not be as eco-friendly as they advertise. As such make sure to do some of your own research on the paper products you use.

2) Don’t Waste Water

In most homes, a lot of water goes down the drain without reason. As such, you should think about installing:
– Low-flow showerheads
– Low-flow faucet aerators
– Duel-flush toilets

By implementing the above three items you’ll save thousands of gallons of water each year and a lot of money through lower water bills.

3) Change Out Your Light Bulbs

If you want to help save energy in the bathroom, swap out your old light bulbs for energy efficient ones. Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs) will use almost 70% less energy than standard incandescent ones. In addition, CFLs will last about ten times longer. As such, using this kind of lighting just makes sense and will save you a bundle over the long run.

4) Use Refillable Containers

These days, there is no reason to throw away a perfectly good spray bottle or soap dispenser just because it is empty. Many soaps, cleaners and other household products can be purchased in refillable bags and then emptied into the previously used container. Of course, the bag will still have to be disposed of. However, some of these bags can be recycled and, in most cases, throwing away a bag is much better than throwing away a bigger item that will have to be replaced anyway.

5) Use Green Products

What goes down your drains will eventually end up in the water supply. As such, you might want to start using green soaps, cleaners and other products. However, as some companies may claim to be green but actually not be, if you really want to be sure to not leave a footprint, you should research the products you are thinking about purchasing heavily to make sure that they are totally safe for the environment. The same goes for your furnishings so you must ask reputable bathroom furniture suppliers questions before you pay for anything.

6) Cut Down on Paper in General

It’s great to use recycled paper products when you have to. However, if you can cut down on the amount of paper products you generally use in the bathroom, it will be even better. Swap out paper cups, paper towels and other paper products for ones that can be reused.

7) Use a PVC-free Shower Curtain

Many plastic shower curtains on the market today contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC). However, creating products with PVC releases many harmful toxins into the atmosphere. Furthermore, products with PVC can’t be recycled. As such, to be kind to the planet, buy shower curtains that are made from all natural materials or PVC-free plastic.

Of course, the above tips are just a few pointers for making your bathroom more eco-friendly. However, by following them, you will certainly be on your way to helping preserve the earth and save some cash as well.

In addition, remember that to truly make a difference, you must be mindful of the planet at all times and try to lead a truly green lifestyle in all the different areas of your life, not just your bathroom.

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