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Making Eco-Friendly Repairs To A Modern Home

cr_6b2a9578c54070943ddac4a498c93ef0Making Eco-Friendly Repairs to a Modern Home….being a home owner isn’t always easy, and it can mean a lot of repairs and maintenance, in addition to the everyday household bills. In fact, the cost of running a home is on the rise, and that’s why it’s essential to save money wherever you can.

One way to do this is to make your home more eco-friendly, as this can help you cut down on your bills, as well as reducing your impact on the planet. Here are a few ways that you can make your repair process more eco-friendly, as well as improving the carbon footprint of your home.


Your heating and water systems make for a big part of your energy bills, and therefore it’s essential for them to be efficient. If you have a breakdown of your boiler or system, then it can be a good idea to replace them with more modern, economical options, rather than paying for repairs to an older system.

When you are doing cosmetic repairs, such as painting or decorating, then it can also be a good time to draught proof your home. This can be done relatively cheaply, and can be a fairly easy DIY job. Quick jobs you could do include:

• Adding foam or plastic strips to windows to stop draughts
• Installing a keyhole cover
• Replacing your letterbox with one with a brush
• Filling in gaps in floorboards and skirting boards

It’s essential to have proper ventilation to your rooms, especially if you have gas appliances, so make sure you keep intentional ventilation points uncovered.


Replacing your flooring can mean using a lot of wood, and so it’s often best to repair them for as long as possible. This can mean replacing individual beams, or even sanding down and re-varnishing the wood for a whole new look. However, if your floors simply no longer suit your tastes then you can choose eco-friendly flooring options to improve the look of your home. Again, this can also be a good time to add an extra layer of installation, with many types of underlay available to keep rooms cosy, and your new flooring can simply be installed on top.

Replacing a carpet can cost a lot, and the materials and dyes used are not always eco-friendly. Cover up worn patches with a rug made from recycled materials, or choose mats made from reclaimed wool to really cut down on your carbon footprint. If you really like your old carpet, it can often be pulled up and re-used. For example, an old hallway carpet will often have big areas that are unworn that can be re-laid in bedrooms, or even given away to others, and this means less waste going to landfills.


If you want to instantly change the look of a room, or need to freshen it up, then a coat of paint can make all the difference. Unfortunately, paint can have a negative impact on the environment, and it’s therefore essential to think about the brand you use, as well as how you use it. Look for paints that boast a low VOC (volatile organic compound) rating, as these are not only better for the environment, but have less harmful fumes when you are using them. You can ask your provider when arranging for Hometech repair services.

Many local councils now offer paint recycling facilities, and this is much safer than trying to dispose of excess paints yourself. Of course, neutral colors can often be used in multiple rooms, so it’s sometimes worth keeping leftover paints in your garage to save yourself some cash. If paint has been stored for a while it can develop a film, so remove and dispose of it properly. Oil based paints will need to be stirred thoroughly to amalgamate the oil and paint, and water based paints may require the adding of some extra water to get the right consistency.

Making repairs to your home with the help of a reputable provider doesn’t mean you have to damage the environment, and there are always eco-friendly options for whatever job you want to do. Whether it’s looking for specialist products, doing some recycling or upcycling, or carrying out some simple DIY jobs, there are lots of ways to save cash as well as helping the planet.

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