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How to Save Water, Protect the Earth & Your Wallet Too!

by Lorraine Rodgers
(New York City, USA)

Water is a precious resource. For just a few hours without water, people can actually die. Water is also a paid utility – if you use a lot, you pay more. Because of this, it is important to save water. Here are some ways to save water.

1. Switch the faucet or shower off when you aren’t actually using it. You don’t need the water running after you wet your toothbrush, or while you are soaping your body or shampooing your hair. During thesemoments when you’re not using the water, turn the tap off, it can save you a lot since showering and brushing are things you do everyday.

2. Install low-water flushing toilets that use only one to two gallons of water per flush. If you have an existing high-gallon toilet, you can put a plastic bottle filled with sand into the tank. This will help the tank fill up faster, and use up less water than it would when it is empty.

3. Rinse your razor in a small basin instead of running water. Fill a small basin with water and dip your razor in it to rinse. It might not be advisable to rinse the razor in the sink itself since sinks are full of germs and take more time to fill.

4. Wash your clothes or dishes only in big loads. Washing several small loads uses up so much water than washing in just one big load. This also helps you save time and electricity.

5. Instead of using a hose to clean your driveway and sidewalks, use a broom. Water may not be efficient to remove dust and dirt from your pavement. A broom will directly sweep away trash and you can easily dispose of it afterwards.

6. Check all your pipes, faucets, and toilets for leaks to prevent water being wasted. Even small drips of water from leaking pipes can amount to gallons of water being wasted in a year. Check your water system at least twice a year to prevent any leaks from happening or to quickly repair existing ones.

7. Instead of using the waste disposal system on your sink, make compost from your scrap foods. Sink disposals use a lot of water. Composts can help you save the environment as well.

Knowing how to save water can help you protect both the Earth and your wallet. Keep these things in mind to conserve this precious resource.

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Updated: October 31, 2013 — 7:55 am

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