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How to Save Money on Electric Bills

We can create a more sustainable, cleaner and safer world by making wiser energy choices. – Robert Alan

Energy saving is a hot topic being discussed nowadays, with regards to electricity. Some believe that in the near future, there might not be adequate electricity for the people to use. Therefore, we all should think about ways of saving and preserving it. There are many people who use electricity the way they want to and do not care about the consequences. And this, in turn, results in their electricity bill going beyond bounds, hitting staggering numbers. To avoid this, you simply need to consider some important things.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances

One of the best ways is to upgrade your house with the latest energy efficient appliances. These appliances may include light fixtures, air conditioners, and consumer electronics available in the market which are proven to consume less energy than normal.

Switch off Appliances When Not in Use

Make sure you switch off all electrical appliances and devices when not in use. Very often it so happens that, we return home to find out that the fan, AC, television, or any other kitchen appliance was left switched on. Before leaving home, the best idea is to switch off the main electricity supply of the house.

Use Natural Resources

Why to use electrical appliances, when the same tasks can be accomplished using natural resources? Instead of using the clothes dryer, you can put your clothes on a laundry line and let them dry naturally. Or, instead of using an electric geyser, you can use solar energy devices on the terrace for hot water. For sufficient light, open the windows and draw the curtains.


Instead of the air conditioner, you can use a ceiling fan for sufficient cooling. Another option can be to just open the windows for fresh air. In order to make the home appliances more energy efficient, it is a good idea to clean and service them at regular intervals. Unplug all the electric appliances when not in use. If you are using an electric stove, keep a lid on the container to prevent heat loss. Out of all the parts of a computer, most of the energy is required by the monitor. In this case, you can set the computer in a way that the monitor should automatically switch to ‘sleep’ mode when it is not in use. You can even upgrade to an LCD monitor, as it would consume around 25% less energy than a conventional CRT one.

These tips may seem small and insignificant at first, but the results would be there for you to see in the next month’s electricity bill. Likewise, along with electricity conservation, also make a note to save water, gas, and other resources.

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