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How to Make the Red in Your Skin Appear to Disappear

Have you ever noticed a woman that appeared to have incredibly blushing over the top red cheeks? So much so that you were certain that she had no idea what she looked like when she walked out of her house that morning? Or she must have forgotten to look in the mirror. In most cases, those women were not actually adding color to their cheeks but instead they have a menacing red skin condition that is ever present. This is in no way just a pretty blushing red but much more to the side of a dull, lifeless ruddy red…

Not too pretty and OH so un-wanted.
It is necessary prior to reading this article that you know in fact you may have a skin condition called Rosacea. This skin condition can be very problematic and in many cases require the care of a Dermatologist to keep it in control and in check. You will notice that Rosacea will generally affect the nose, cheeks and forehead and in some extreme cases your eyes. Those of you that know you have Rosacea are aware that it is much more menacing than just a red, ruddy skin. On the brighter side, I have seen wonderful camouflage techniques that can reduce the appearance of red in your skin even if it is Rosacea…It’s worth a try.
First and foremost you need to make certain you remove your cosmetics every night before you go to bed. Yes! Every night you should use a good cleanser and moisturizer. Those 2 products may change the look of your condition right before your eyes in just a few short weeks. Get acquainted with specialized concealers and/or work at blending your very own personalized concealer. Green Concealers can be a highly effective neutralizer of red skin. Have you ever taken a look at the color wheel? You will notice that green sits opposite of red and thus is the great neutralizer of red. Oh the power of Green! Not to mention so politically correct.

* Custom Blending Green Concealer – Purchase a deeper green matte shadow. Take a shade lighter that what you normally would use of liquid foundation. Blend a small amount of the 2 shades together in the palm of your hand. Use either your finger or a sponge to apply a small amount on the red areas of your face. At this point, I prefer to use a small blush brush for just the perfect amount of blending.
My personal opinion is that Cream or Liquid foundation will offer you the best coverage for a red skintone. You will also not if you use a brush to apply your foundation over your green concealer you will achieve not only a good coverage but also one that appears luminous and natural.
It’s so beneficial to think green these days. In the world of cosmetics, green may in fact become your new best friend.

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