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How to Install Spray Foam Insulation in Your Home

Spray foam insulation is a polyurethane foam that is pumped into your home so that your walls, ceilings, will be insulated well. This type of insulation will help you to keep the cold outside during winter and help keep the heat out during the summer months. After all no one wants to be too hot or too cold. At one point only trained professionals could do this. Now they have the do it yourself kits. There are however some pros and cons to using spray foam insulation.

The cons are: It is more expensive than the other brands of insulation that you can purchase. Also it is not very neat. You could end up having spray foam on other objects and places that you do not want it to be. If you were to spray to much of the insulation into your walls, when the spray foam expands your walls could very well buckle on you. Creating more problems that you do not need.

The pros to using spray foam insulation are quite clear, Spray foam will get into all of the holes and little spaces that you need it to go. Which in turn makes your home more insulated. A homeowner can expect to have a lower power bill because of this. Spray foam lasts longer too. Another great reason, it does not itch you. I for one would get a professional to do the job.

For the do it yourself guys. Here is how to do it.

Step One. Shake your can of spray foam insulation well before inserting the nozzle.

Step Two. The foam will expand very quickly. This will make for a great seal, ensuring you will have no drafts.

Step Three. Make sure to follow all the directions as to how to use the applicator gun. This ensures that you will get the job done correctly.

Step Four. You will probably need to cut and sand the cured spray foam and then paint it to match the color of walls or ceilings.

Step Five. Make sure to coat your roof with spray foam insulation during the winter and summer months. It helps with leaks.

Step Six. It is not toxic and is a lot easier to handle then the batts .

Note to remember. All houses do expand and contract in all types of weather conditions . So does the spray foam you just installed. Good luck with your spray foam installation project.

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