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How to Go Green with Electrical Appliances!

by Alice Joyce
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

Did you know that your appliances still use energy even when you are not using them? While your appliances are not being used, they continue to leak energy through the outlets and the plugs.

Some of these appliances are never even really turned off completely, and even in standby mode they use electricity.

Your appliances that have external electricity will continue using electricity even when turned off. These can include things such as chargers for your cell phones, speakers that go to your computers, and additionally all appliances that have a cubed electrical supply.

Appliances that have a clock on them such as microwaves, ovens, coffee pots, DVD players, cable boxes, and VCR’s will also continue consuming electricity even after being turned off.

As far as the amount of energy they use, this all depends on what type of appliance it is. Appliances that are turned off but still run can use between 1 and 50 watts.

While 1 watt does not seem like it’s a lot, think about if you have 20 appliances in your home that are sucking up electricity; that equals to be 20 watts!

Many people are looking to go green with their appliances, and there are a few different ways to go about this.

You can begin by unplugging every single appliance in your home, but this can be something time consuming and inconvenient, as you are going to have to go back through your home every morning and plug everything back in again.

Rather, plug them into a power board with a master switch so all can be turned off at once. You could also follow these few tips to help your home appliances become a little greener.

Rechargeable Batteries

Using rechargeable batteries can help drastically in saving electricity. Rather than using alkaline batteries and then throwing them out when they are dead, you can use rechargeable batteries that you charge every time they run out.

This means you can use them over and over again. Rechargeable batteries can help reduce landfill waste as well, and these batteries for the most part can last longer.

Solar Power

Many items and products that are on the market these days are now being seen with alternate options such as being solar powered. Solar power uses the sun’s light to work and can be more beneficial to the earth.

The sun’s light turns into energy and therefore can power all of your products, and has become one of the most beneficial free resources around.

Recycle Your Old Electronics and Batteries

Recycling is one of the easiest and best ways to make the switch to green. Throwing your old and dead batteries and old electronics away is harmful to the planet.

This is because they all have harmful chemicals and toxins in them and this can damage the planet. Instead, recycle them and call the companies and see where and how to do this. This allows them to be used and made into something else.

Avoid Using Vampire Power

This seems like a strange term and can be confusing to understand. Vampire means that you leave appliances and other things plugged in and they waste electricity even after they are turned off. You can invest in a smart strip which allows you the ability to tell when a switch is on or off.

Choose Appliances That Are Energy Efficient

Nowadays, electronics and kitchen appliances such as TVs, stoves and ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, and even microwaves are coming in more energy efficient models. This is beneficial as they are created and designed to use less electricity which can over time save you hundreds of dollars.

More and more companies are creating these types of appliances to help better the planet and to make your home a little greener. These appliances will have more energy stars on them to denote a greater saving.

Gas over Electricity

Many people choose gas over electricity as it heats faster. If you choose gas, be sure to check out the BTU output of your gas appliances, and for those who are interested in using electrical appliances, remember that for the most part, stoves that are efficient will have induction elements.

Dust and dirt will make your appliances run a little slower and will cause them to use more electricity.

Air conditioner filters should be kept clean and you should always keep your appliances at least 4 inches away from the walls so that sufficient air can keep the appliance cool and functioning properly.

Following these easy tips and resources to go green with your appliances can get you one step closer to living a greener and healthier lifestyle.

Updated: October 5, 2013 — 1:36 am

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