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How to Go Green: Energy Efficient Doors

Doors are meant as a gateway between the home and world outside. Therefore having an energy efficient door is a great place to start when trying to create an energy efficient home. Below are some tips for buying a new energy efficient door as well as a great tip to make every door more energy efficient.

Energy Star

When buying any product always look for the Energy Star label. Energy Star is a joint program between U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy and its goal is to make America more energy efficient. Products are tested for their energy use and only the most efficient products get the label. Energy Star is an easy fool proof way to make more eco-friendly decisions. Before purchasing a new door always look for the blue label. Energy efficient doors are designed to keep heat in during the winter and keep heat out during the summer. A new energy efficient door is a great way to save on heating and cooling costs.


Material choice is important when choosing an energy efficient door. Wood doors may look the best but they are much more expensive and kill trees! The other two choices of material are steel and fiberglass. Both materials by themselves have little or no insulation value but they are filled with insulating core. Steel doors are also expensive and also heavy which means fiberglass is the best choice. Technology in manufacturing has improved enough to make fiberglass doors look almost identical to real wood doors. Only if someone is looking close will they be able to tell the difference. I personally was astonished by how nice the new fiberglass doors look. My new fiberglass door looks like an expensive wood door but it was half the price! When buying a new door look for ones made of fiberglass because they will be the most energy efficient.

Draft Blocker

The gap between the floor and the bottom of the door allows air to flow freely and causes a draft. Luckily most new doors solve this problem by including a draft blocker. A draft blocker is essentially anything used to fill the gap between door and floor. For a simple quick and easy solution roll up a towel or blanket and place it in-front of the door. This may not be the best solution but it is the cheapest. Anyone who watches a lot of TV has seen the infomercials for the “Twin Draft Guard“. Whether a fancy TV device or a rolled up towel the concept is simple, stop the draft. Stopping drafty doors is a cheap and easily solution to safe energy and become more energy efficient.

Energy Efficient Glass

For doors that are designed with a lot of glass the energy efficiency of the glass itself becomes extremely important. Always look for double paned glass doors. This means that the door has two pieces of glass that is filled with gas in the middle. The gas acts as a barrier and greatly increases energy efficiency. When looking at the ratings try to find a high R value, low U value and low emissivity. The ratings are used to measure the amount of energy that passes through the glass. In doors with a lot of glass the rating of the glass is absolutely crucial to the efficiency of the door. Glass rating should not be overlooked!

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