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How Green is your Home?

by Martina Sanchez
(New York, USA)

How green is your home?….everything we do these days is harming our planet in one way or another. We need to learn to live in a more ‘green’ manner and the first place we can start is by making our homes ‘green’.

This means, we need do learn to live in a more environmentally friendly manner, causing less harm to our environment and the planet we live in. There are small things that can help us make our homes greener.

Are your electrical appliances ‘green’? The number of years that you have been using your electrical appliances has a huge impact on the amount of energy it consumes. Experts have recommended that you switch to more energy efficient appliances when you’ve used an electrical good for five years or more.

Older appliances tend to consume more energy, causing more electricity to be used and more carbon being emitted into the environment.Refrigerators are the biggest single energy eaters in the home. So try and switch to a new energy efficient fridge if you’ve used your current one for several years now.

Heating and cooling your home is another aspect that relates to how green your homes are. It is advised that you keep your thermostat lower in cold weathers and up in warm weather. Programmable thermostats are a good way of automatically managing the temperature of your home, so switch to those if you want your home to be green.

Cutting down on water consumption is another way to judge how green your home is. We usually take undue advantage of the freely flowing water in our faucets without considering how much of this water is being wasted. But lowering your water consumption and preventing wastage, your home will definitely be green.

Fluorescent light bulbs are very good energy savers. They reduce your electrical consumption by a substantial amount if all the bulbs at home are fluorescent. Try switching to these light bulbs if you want to make your home green.

Recycling is another important factor that determines how green your home is. Try recycling products at home, more often. Visit your local recycling center to see what can and cannot be recycled. Apart from that, you should even learn about disposing off old electrical appliances in a proper manner rather than just throwing them in the trash.

Talk to your local recycling center about all these issues to make your home more green. Using recycled products at home will also make your home more green. Try using items like recycled toilet paper and kitchen towels. Fewer trees have to be cut down if everyone starts using these.

These were small tips that can make your home more environmentally friendly. These tips not only help you play your role in protecting the environment, but they also allow you to live more healthier and happier lives, with little guilt about damaging the earth you live in.

So next time you ask yourself how green your home is, try judging the way you live in order to get the correct answer!.

Updated: December 7, 2012 — 2:55 pm

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