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How Can I Add Eco-Friendly Value to My Home?

How Can I Add Eco-Friendly Value to My Home?

make your home eco-friendlyHow Can I Add Eco-Friendly Value to My Home?….A house is a huge investment, and one that you can improve on over time. There is more than just regular maintenance involved.

Upgrades and improvements can significantly increase the value of your home, ideally more than the actual cost of the upgrades themselves.

The key is to make your upgrades while considering the current trend for eco-friendly features. That’s what people want, and that’s what will be the most attractive improvements if you are planning on selling your house. Here are a few suggestions to help make some decisions.

Refurbish the Outside

A new layer on the outside will make your house look fantastic, and increase it’s value by improving appearance, weather protection and further insulation factors. Having a fresh face on the outside gives the impression that that the house is new, well cared for and up-to-date. All excellent features to boost value on many levels.

If you are curious about replacing your siding, it can be a big job and you should talk to professionals like Peter Bracey before making any final decisions.

Replace the Windows

Windows can be a huge insulation problem, with heat escaping directly through the glass. If it’s in the budget, replace older windows with double-paned ones that have a layer of argon between the sheets of glass. These will prevent the transmission of heat directly through the glass. You should also make sure the frames are crack-free and aren’t letting drafts in or out.

Energy Efficient Heating

Nobody wants to buy a house that is going to cost them a fortune in monthly utility bills, and that typically comes down to issues with the heating. Electric heating (usually in the form of base board heaters in each room) are the worst, and should be replaced. People will turn down homes simply on this one fact alone. It can be a big project to renovate for duct-work and to add a furnace, but it is usually worth it in the long run.

What kind of furnace? Natural gas is best these days and should be your first choice if it’s available. After that, get a high-efficiency oil furnace.

Adding a woodstove can be a great value-adding renovation regardless of what other kinds of heating options your house uses. It looks lovely in most rooms, and allows you (or future owners) to cut down on their heating bills with renewable wood heat.

Bathroom Updates

Old bathroom fixtures can make your entire house seem dated. Replace stale wallpaper and freshen up the walls with fashionable colors if you don’t have the money for a larger renovation. Otherwise, try to replace the toilet if it is older, preferably with some water-saving features like the a dual-flush function. Looks great and adds more eco-friendly options to your house.

Replacing kitchen appliances can also improve the look of your kitchen, but since they are often taken with you when you move, they don’t do much to improve the overall monetary value other than looking good at the moment for showings.

Updated: November 4, 2016 — 3:18 am

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