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Home Security Systems Cost

Home security systems are widely sought after by homeowners who wish to ensure the safety of their loved ones and home, while they are away. These systems are capable of detecting an intrusion in your house and alerting the security service, so that appropriate action can be taken. The alarm that goes off after the intruder encroaches upon your private space, prevents him from committing further crime and often forces him to flee. This is the reason why homeowners with small kids and valuables in their homes trust these systems. Evaluating the cost of these systems is not simple and straight as we have to take into account the performance and sophistication of the security systems. The following comparison may help you understand the several factors that influence their cost.

Home Security Systems Comparison

Home security systems are mostly available in two varieties, wireless and hard wired. Wireless home security systems are also called home alarm systems or DIY systems as they are very easy to install yourself. These systems can be bought from home improvement or hardware stores. These systems are mostly basic in their hardware and implementation. As a result, they are not as effective as you would like them. The second type of system which includes hard wired components is desirable as it provides more protection than the DIY systems. These systems essentially guard the perimeter of your house, so that you are informed well in advance regarding the intrusion on your property. These systems have sensors which are activated by weight, so that you don’t have an alarm going off in case your toddler throws his shoe in yard. The sizable weight of the intruder causes the alarm to go off so that he gets the warning not to encroach any further. The third type of security system is also available but is rarely used by common homeowners, due to its high price. This is called remote monitoring system and is considered as the most effective of all. Surveillance or home security cameras are fitted at strategic locations in your home and the system is directly monitored by the service provider company. In case of emergency, a call is directly made to summon police or emergency services.


Prices of security systems for homes vary a great deal depending upon the use of technology. Basic versions of these systems come at cheaper rates whereas more sophisticated systems may cost you a fortune owing to high installation and maintenance charges. The run of the mill DIY security systems cost you as little as USD 100, as no installation charges are involved. Perimeter security systems cost vary depending upon the service providing company. On an average, these systems may cost you anywhere between USD 195 – USD 225. The cost is inclusive of components such as door and windows sensors and surveillance camera.

Remote monitoring systems are the most expensive ones and cost a whopping USD 1000, including installation charges. Besides, you need to pay USD 30 as the monthly fee for the service providing company. Additionally, you will also have to bear USD 300 towards annual maintenance fees. Thus, go for these systems if you live in high risk neighborhood or your home is vulnerable to break-ins.

It is better to install at least some kind of security system for your home. Even a basic one works perfectly fine to keep the intruders away. For more determined intruders you may have to go for high-end systems.

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