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Help Lower Your Utility Bills With An Energy Efficient Toilet!

by Melanie Edwards
(Boston, Mass. USA)

Many people complain over high utility bills that they have to pay monthly. Utility services don’t come cheap, thus making bill payments quite a headache. Rather than keep complaining over this matter, it is best to take positive action.

There are options that you can do so you will lower your utility bills and maximize the resources that you have in your hands.

One effective way to achieve the goal of lowering your monthly utility bills is to check your toilet. Your toilet might be wasting your water supply. Thus, this calls for a serious replacement.

It is best to get a new model that is more energy efficient. This way you won’t be wasting water with your money going down the drain.

It is important to stay away from the bad recommendations that other people will give you. There is a practice that people believed to be energy-saving when in fact it can be bad for the plumbing.

The toilet tank collects water for use when you flush. Some households have taken on this option. However, it can store and release water more than what is needed to push the waste down the drain. As such, the bricks had been recommended to lessen the water stored in the tank.

This practice actually results to problems in the plumbing system, considering the material of brick that is far from being helpful in maintaining the good system.

The material of the bricks will eventually corrode because of the water and the movement inside the tank. The parcels can go where they aren’t supposed to be and cause more damage than what you can handle.

Thus, if you want to save more money you must resort in other options to lower your utility bills rather than rely on this unreliable practice.

Installing an Energy Efficient Toilet!

The best way to save energy with your toilet water use is to find an energy efficient model. Rather than use bricks that can be bad for your plumbing system, it is better to purchase a new toilet that will efficiently use the water supply. Thus, it is best to know the options you have.

There are many toilet models on the market. There are some that will please your aesthetic goals. Some can even get really expensive as they border on the luxurious details for the bathroom.

However, efficiency isn’t always with the most expensive model. You have to look for certain features that will help you achieve your goal of lowering the utility bill.

Today, it is best to inquire on the product that you are eyeing. Determine if the manufacturer is among those who are recommended for the energy-saving endeavor.

You can also simply take the task of looking on the specifications that will indicate efficiency in the use of the water supply. You can ask the salesperson for assistance to show you these features.

There are energy-efficiency specifications provided for your purchasing endeavors. In the USA, there is a federal law that requires the vendors to sell such fixtures and materials that will meet the specifications.

You can use the specifications to to make sure that you are properly guided in picking the right toilet model.

Today, to save water and be more cost-effective with your toilet model, it is best to get one that uses 1.6 gallons of water for every flush. It is even better if you get to pick one that will use less.

This can be easily achieved if the toilet model has a smaller storage tank. This is a more efficient way of saving water and lowering your utility bills rather than using the brick.

There are also toilet models that provide two options for flushing. This is another good choice for your toilet needs. This type of model lets you use minimal water for the one flush.

This is typical for flushing liquid materials that easily go down the drain. The other option uses more water but is still energy-efficient. This is for your use when you need to flush heavier waste.


Be wise in your decisions. Replace your current toilet models with the energy-efficient ones. This way you can save more water and effectively lower your monthly utility bills.

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Updated: July 19, 2013 — 8:06 am

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