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Green Tea For Adhd – A Valid Alternative ?

In Japan, green tea is consumed in vast quantities and with good reason. It is known as a valuable antioxidant and has an enormous number of health benefits ranging from protecting gums to protecting you against Alzheimer’s, lowering blood pressure and now most recently has been used as an alternative ADHD treatment. To say that green tea is the best thing out there for ADHD is an exaggeration to say the least but let us examine why green tea for ADHD is the latest fad.

Just before we examine the benefits and the elements in green tea for ADHD, I should point out that the standard drugs used for ADHD like Adderall XR , Ritalin, Cylert and Strattera, are full of unknowns and produce side effects which can be distressing for the child taking them. I know some adults who reported that they have a sort of dependence on these drugs and that some of the side effects were severe like irritability, headaches and insomnia. There are no side effects with ADHD homeopathic remedies and the drug companies are actually paying for research to show that these remedies are completely useless! What next?

Let us look at the elements which are in green tea for ADHD. The main one is L-Theanine and it is a sort of non-protein amino acid. There is also a fair quantity of caffeine in tea so it is strange that one of the main benefits of green tea is that it relaxes the body and mind. It is great for anxiety and also for hyperactivity as it is so relaxing. We also know that L-Theanine is extremely safe and over 40 years ago, the Japanese medical authorities authorized its use as a supplement in all foods except in baby food.

We know that Ritalin delivers dopamine and norepinephrine to the brain and thus stimulates those parts of it that are not working to their full capacity. Nobody knows how the drug actually works or any of the long term effects on the brain. We know that adult student counsellors are extremely worried about college students taking these drugs as a study aid because there are risks of developing schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. This is where green tea and theanine score over the drugs as it is a natural alternative to Ritalin and can be just as effective. Theanine is also available in capsule form.

While green tea for ADHD can be a useful supplement , the best way to treat ADHD is to try a well tried and tested homeopathic remedy which will be effective in calming nerves and reducing fidgeting and other irritating ADHD symptoms. There are no side effects and that type of treatment combined with ADHD behavior modification is the best way to treat ADHD.

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