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Green Tea Facts and Supplement Lies

Health supplements are a huge industry in most civilized countries and a lot of people don’t trust them. It is important to understand this one fact: supplements are good, but they are not miracles. Unfortunately, a few clever salesmen tried to convince people otherwise, and everyone saw right through it.

Cleansing programs are a reasonably new facet of the health and wellness industry. This is, to a degree, because science is still understanding a ton when it comes to how our natural detox systems work, but there is another predicament that seems to be ailing purification programs.

A gigantic difficulty has been salespeople advertising their “wondrous” drugs/supplements and immensely overstating what they can do for you. This same exact fact is just as easily applicable to Green tea as it is applicable to a bunch of other supplements such as:

  • Vitamin E
  • Pomegranate Extract
  • Vitamin B12
  • and Salmon Oil

I’m certainly not claiming these supplements as frauds, but they simply will not be the cure-all that marketers have sold them as. The same happens to be true for tea. A part of the issue is that the Food And Drug Administration actually does not manage supplements (as can be found on the labels on most supplements).

That fact alone should make you a bit more cautious about just what you will be putting into your body. It is also critical to be realistic in regards to what these supplements can do for you. Keep in mind that I really like these supplements including detox drinks, but they also will not be causing you to lose 26 pounds inside of a day or two.

Next, I’m providing you with a few amazing facts about Green tea. I did my very best to not make them sound too good to be true, however they are still pretty cool or useful things to know. Go ahead and try to fact-check them, In my opinion you’ll be pleasantly impressed!

6 Facts You May Not Have Known!

  1. In certain places within the world, Green tea ice cream is surprisingly sought after.
  2. Medical tests have linked green tea to lowered blood sugar.
  3. Green tea has been studied for potential anti aging benefits.
  4. Use the absolute best water you can find when you make your Green tea. For Those Who don’t, you’ll end up with a sub-par beverage.
  5. High antioxidant content is one of the main (among many) reasons Green tea is considered to be so healthy.
  6. Green tea is actually believed by a large number of historians to have first been encountered in China, although others have disputed this. Few can doubt that Green tea’s historical roots are thickest in China.

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