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Once, I visited my friend’s house for some party. I saw an amazing thing at her place. I saw the seven photographs of her father with each wonder of the world. From Taj Mahal to Eiffel tower, he had visited all of them. I was amazed by this thought that he almost had a world tour. I expressed my feelings to my friend and she burst into laughter. Her father came out from his room and she told him what I told her and he too started laughing. I was utterly confused and didn’t know what was wrong with me, or probably them. Well, when both of them calmed down they told me the real story behind those awesome pictures. The story was that he never visited those places, he just changed the background of his image using green screen software! Isn’t it amazing. If you too wish to impress your friends with such cool and tricky photographs, then read this article further.

Heavy Metal Video (Green Screen)


There are many advantages of using the software that essentially works on the chroma key effect. Generally, image sensors in digital camera are more sensitive to green color and hence the color is used more often in the background that can be replaced by other hues. Given below are some of the uses of the software:

Photography: For photographers, this software is a boon. As you know by now, you can change the background of the image with desired one in few minutes. From amateur photographers to journalist, and fashion photographers to wedding photographers, all can use this software to introduce different effects to the photographs and bring some new trends in photography.

Video Production: People involved in video production too use the software for better quality programs. I am sure you have seen weather forecast in the news where the background behind the anchor keeps changing as he talks about weather changes in different areas. This effect is achieved with the help of green screen video software. Similarly, you can change the background of the image too.

Apart from this, there are many other applications for which you can use this software to bring about some unique twist in your photography or video production.


Green Screen Wizard: This is one of the most popular and user-friendly software you can buy. Apart from the software Green Screen Wizard also offers some digital backgrounds, Magazine covers, Discounted green screens, green screen video editing software, and their unique Sandwich Overlays, etc. Along with that you may be able to enjoy some great starting packages!

123 Video Magic: It is one the most preferred green screen video software. It allows you to remove the green screen and substitute it with a background of your choice in a very easy manner. The unique feature of this software is that you do not require other photo editing software, such as, Adobe Photoshop etc. Because, this software is endowed with self contained chroma key removal program that helps you produce natural images.

Zach Poff: It is one of the best free software you can use. It is very easy to download and has numerous applications to cater all needs of creative photographers. The software is dowered with Live Video Delay, Chroma Key Live, MultiScreener, Video Trigger, Pitch Playground, and Film-O-Sync, etc., that allow you to produce pictures with some amazing effects.

Apart from these, you can go for Digital Anarchy and Chromakey TV software that are also known to be effective and user-friendly. You can search online for more software and their downloading procedures. So, get the best software soon and explore myriad images!

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