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Green Living – Cool Temperature with Less Electric Bill

On a hot summer day, nothing refreshes better than a fully air-conditioned room while sipping a delicious beverage in your living room. Air-conditioners are great for this task as they are designed and built to sustain cool temperature even in blazing hot seasons that can really dry you up to the bones. Although these can be one of the best and most convenient methods for keeping the room temperature relaxing, it can gas out your budget as they eat more on your electric bill. In addition, they can also contribute to the air pollution that can damage the environment in the long run.

Green living is a method designed to preserve Mother Nature while giving humans the equal benefits to those of the conventional ways. The idea is to provide relief as well as enhance the lifestyle of a person without compromising the eco-system in return. There are lots of ways to get cool temperature without spending too much of your money on your bills. Home improvements using green living techniques are popular topics in the Internet nowadays because of the growing awareness of humans in the outcome of global warming.

One of the best ways to eliminate too much heat in the room is to carefully plan the design to avoid facing the sun especially during the hottest time of the day. Instead of immediately pressing the on button of your air-conditioner, you can always resort to ceiling fans which has lesser electric consumption. In doing so, you would also want to try opening the doors and windows in the area where you want to stay or work. This can cause proper ventilation as air can freely circulate through the room. Fresh air that is refreshing can openly come inside the windows and doors which is exactly what you need to get rid of the accumulated warmth. If you are planning on staying inside a room where the windows are facing south, you can always make good use of curtains or blinds to avoid heating up the room. In case your house uses glass as its wall, make sure that you use blinds or walls that can cover it completely to keep off the sun as glass can collect the heat. You can also purchase green home appliances that are energy efficient which means that they consume electricity at a minimal level. In addition, they are not contributing to the destruction of the environment as they are designed to be eco-friendly. Another wonderful idea is to grow shady trees near your house to keep it cool though you should always maintain it as it can cause clogging on the gutter.

These are only a few of the commonly used methods to preserve cool air in a room without paying more on your bills. All of the methods can be applied on any type of house regardless of its design, location, and environment. Houses that are located in shady places can disregard the use of green appliances if desired as these buildings accumulate lesser amount of heat even during the hottest period of the day.

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