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Going Green With Electricity Tips

Have you ever wondered why your electricity bill is so high? Follow these simple tricks to save on your next electricity bill.
Reduce you use of high electricity gadgets.Here are the simple, most cost efficient and easy steps to reduce your electricity bill.Start off by replacing your light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) or even cutting-edge light emitting diodes (LEDs). There are energy efficient lighting technologies that will dramatically decrease your electricity costs.Also, always turn off the lights if they are not needed on. For example, when you are not in the room; When there is enough sunlight shining in through the window or when you are sleeping. Finally, eliminate electronics that are in sleep mode or standby. Like a TV with a light on or laptops that are merely closed. They suck a lot of electricity even in that status.

Turn your house offHomes consume a huge amount of energy, especially in heating and cooling. American houses and homes consume over 6 times the amount of houses in other countries. After you’ve researched where all the energy is going in your house or even if you are to lazy to do that, simple steps can help save some money in the field as well. Use natural ventilation as much as possible and stay away from the air conditioning. The best way to have natural airflow would be by opening the windows at night and closing them during the day, or just the ceiling and regular fans and ventilators. Even just blocking the sunlight at the windows on hot sunny days can dramatically decrease the heat.
Buy smartWhen you are shopping for electrical gadgets, remember not to be cheap. Cheap appliances may suck up much more electricity on the long run then the appliances that are more expensive. Look at a LED light bulb for example. They are more expensive then a regular light bulb but save you more then 6 times the money. Instead of looking for the cheapest electrical gadgets, you should look for the most energy efficient ones. Most good quality electrical appliances will have a sticker or information on it to give you sufficient information before purchasing.
Homemade electricityYou know how good it feels to be generating your own electricity? Installing in house alternative energy is becoming easier and more cost efficient with all the promotions going on. You can find more and more sun, water and wind electricity generating technologies and companies that can help accommodate you. Look out for these deals!
Charge up your gadgets with new technologiesAll your portable gadgets you bring around you have a possible alternative way of charging themselves. Often times you can buy a charger that generates from solar energy of even just a car charger to then feed your gadgets green energy. Some look like notebooks, cell phones, flowers, or are built into backpacks. Almost every mp3 player, laptop, camera or cell phone will have an alternative energy efficient charging device. Some are even attached to backpacks.
Follow these simple rules and you will be pleased with your next electricity bill. for more information on energy efficient lighting or led light bulbs just check the resource box below.

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