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Going Green – Is The Time Right Now?

by Sally Bone
(San Diego, California, USA)

In today’s society it seems that more and more people are deciding to go green for many different reasons. It may be because they know that going green will save the environment.

It may also be because they want their family to be healthier. There is no right or wrong reason.

It seems like going green has become a favorite topic in the news. There are many companies that have started changing their products to be more environmentally friendly.

This is seen with car makers, cleaning products as well as food. There are many reasons for this as well.

Many people feel that pollution is a grave concern in the world today. This is so true and there are many ways that we can make our planet better.

We should be concerned about pollution as well as many other issues in the world. Even if we only do one thing to go green, it is better than doing nothing.

Many people know that recycling is a great way of going green. Not only does it help save our environment but it also saves money as well. If you do not realize how much recycling can help then think about paper.

Paper comes from trees, and trees make oxygen. If we recycle paper products then we save more trees and that gives us more oxygen.

You make think that many things you do should have no effect on the environment in a negative or a positive way but they can. Little things such as starting and driving your car can have a major negative effect on the environment. Throwing away things that can be recycled can as well.

There are many things that we may or may not do that can have lasting effects on the world around us. Not many people think of these things all the time.

Say that we all throw away paper every day. This may not seem like much but do you know how much it takes to make that paper. There is more involved than we all realize.

So the next time you think that the things that you do or don’t do make no difference, just think again. Just one small thing can make the biggest difference.

Just one thing done to improve the environment is better than nothing at all. So stop and think about the things we do every day that can have positive as well as negative effects on the environment and the people around us.

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Updated: September 7, 2013 — 8:24 am

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