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Go For Green Energy for a Better Future!

by Anna Butros
(Montreal, Canada)

We hear about it all the time in the news, on TV shows and on radio shows, but we rarely do anything to help out with it. If you haven’t guessed yet, we’re talking about global warming and its effects on the environment. Millions of vehicles, factories and production plants emit tons of pollutants into the air, causing far more damage.

In Canada, the government has created a day called Earth Day, which empowers people to turn off their lights, TVs, computers and everything else for one whole hour. When the hundreds of thousands of people participate in this one hour event, it helps with environment just a little bit and goes to show that even a little difference could cause a change.

Green energy is essentially energy that is produced without expelling any form of pollutant or emission. The sources are both renewable and sustainable after the creation of energy. If you think about green energy sources, you could think of solar power, wind power and hydro power. For most businesses and homes, sunlight is one of the main sources to get energy.

Since the sun gets up as early as 7AM, you’ll be able to power your electric devices starting then. The amount of green energy you need, will be based on the amount of energy you use on a per day basis. Dependent on energy use, you could think of the amount of solar panelsyou would require.

If you act today and take the steps in going for green energy sources, you will be able to help your future. What scares people when they plan on going green is the fact that it could be a little expensive to install all these green energy devices. However, once they are setup, the costs of the installations will be covered in only a few years.

For the average single family home that uses green energy, it could save nearly one thousand dollars, including the use of a heater in the winter. Heat is very important in places where winter sticks around for a few months, and it surely could consume a ton of energy. Likewise, in the summer, you will find that your air conditioner does the same.

In both these cases, how would you like it if you could substitute the energy source of a more green energy source that is completely free to use or incredibly cheaper at most? For those living in a small rural town, wind energy could definitely be a possible solution, as you’ll have access to a large enough land area to install wind mills.

For more urbanized centers, solar panels are making way as the new green energy source. Green energy solar panels are sold based on the amount of total pallet watts it offers. Prices for each watt range from one to two dollars, so based on this you could figure out how much you would need to spend.

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Updated: September 29, 2013 — 10:19 am

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