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Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are globally used in many industrial and domestic applications. The source of geothermal energy lies in the formative years of planet earth, the solar energy received at the surface and also because of the decomposition of the mineral wealth in the depths of the planet. There have been several ancient remains and proofs of use of geothermal heating systems. These can be traced to the ancient Indus valley civilization, the Roman empire and the subsequent periods in human history when civilizations flourished. Presently, its main use is in the generation of electricity.

Geothermal Heating Cooling

Globally, most of the applications running on the power, generated by geothermal heating and cooling systems are used in space heating, for desalination works, farming and heating services, spas, rejuvenation centers and so on. This requires an installation of the system, which can be achieved in different ways. The ground beneath our feet is an excellent source of geothermal energy. The same can be drawn by means of certain equipment. The installation requirements for geothermal systems is given in detail as follows.

Home geothermal heating and cooling works can be broadly classified into three categories.

Horizontal Installation

If there is a large area available for use in the vicinity of the house, horizontal looping can be used. An extensive network of loop pipes can be placed just below the surface of the ground, below the frost cover. As long as there is sufficient space available for digging, an extensive network of horizontal looped pipes can be used. Coiled horizontal loops are another variation of this type in which the pipes are spread in a coiled manner instead of straight lines.

Vertical Installation

In case there is a limitation of the land under possession, vertical loops can solve the problem. In this type, the pipes run deep into the depths of the land. The cost of installation of these pipes is more than the horizontal loops as it requires more effort for installation. However, even a small area is sufficient for this purpose and the heating efficiency is the same as in case of horizontal loops.

Pond Installation

If the area near your house has a natural pond or a sufficiently large pit, it may prove to be a big advantage in the installation of these systems. In this method of geothermal heating and cooling system, the loops are let into the pond and filled with liquid to sink the pipes further below. This is all that is required for pond loop installation.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling System

In winter, the ground temperature is relatively more than that of the atmosphere and consequently the house. By means of a circulation fluid, this heat from the ground is brought up to a geothermal unit in the house. This unit circulates the heat from the liquid to the entire house, thus keeping it warm. The cooled liquid is again cycled back to the ground by another pipe and the process continues. Similarly, during summer, the ground temperature is much less than that of the air. Thus the liquid that circulates is relatively cooler and the same process is repeated as in case of summer time. The liquid which becomes hot after absorbing the heat from the home circulation system, is again driven down to get cool beneath the ground.

The geothermal heating and cooling reviews have been pretty good wherever used, and is increasingly becoming popular as an alternative source of energy.

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