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Extreme Homes: The Most Bizarre Houses in the World

There was an “old woman” who lived in a shoe, so why wouldn’t you consider living in such a bizarre fashion, too? Colonel Mahlon M. Haines did just that, but he wasn’t an old woman. He was a millionaire who owned many shoe stores, and had an odd obsession with them, so much so that he felt the need to build a shoe house designed after an old work boot. Located in Hellam, Pennsylvania, the ” Haines Shoe House” is 25-feet tall and surrounded by a fence decorated with boots. The “Shoe House” is located at 195 Shoe House Road in Hellam, PA. For more information, call: 717-840-8339

Extreme and bizarre homes do not fall into any particular category other than the owner has a challenging, bold perspective on how one should enjoy the comforts of their not so normal abode. From living in a shoe to the more extreme space ship style home, extreme homes are springing up everywhere from Colorado to Florida and beyond, and people cannot seem to get enough of them.

There is nothing simplistic about these extreme houses, and the creativity that goes into their structure only leaves you wondering as to what the designer was thinking when they were drawing up the plans. These bizarre homes receive many reactions from pleasant surprise to anger from neighbors that do not appreciate fine art at its best. In fact many neighborhoods are appalled that a human could live within the walls of anything dubbed downright abnormal at best.
Some of these homes have become the talk of the town, in fact so much so that HGTV decided to do a segment appropriately named “What’s With That House”? Funky, hilarious, and witty by most accounts, host George Gray goes on the prowl for the most bizarre and extreme homes that the planet has to offer. To check for show times for segments on extreme and bizarre homes go to

Gray questions the owners as to why they feel the need to live in such strange surroundings and then proceeds with a grand tour of homes made from sticks to dwellings that mimic a nautical nightmare. Of course some of these homes were here before Gray was even born, but he finds them fascinating. So whether you were born in a barn or raised in a spaceship, extreme homes remains a fascinating concept that isn’t likely to go away any time soon. At least not as long as humans possess creative energy coupled with a fascination for the extreme, bizarre and downright weird.

When given the choice between a rundown barn or a habitable home located on the same farming property in western Wisconsin, Marcy and Larry Doreau preferred the look of the barn and its proximity to the water. The barn was promptly relocated onto a foundation, and was quickly transformed into a unique abode that many people would stick their noses up at. The completed 3,000 square foot extreme home is now the talk of the town and was featured on HGTV in the early spring of 2007.

The world’s most extreme homes involves everything from living in a windmill to building a high tech tree house, and the Swiss family, “the Robinsons” are not included with the deal to guide you with first rate instructions for this bizarre tree topper.

Picture a lush beach house supported by trees with all of the amenities located within a tropical forest along Punta Uva Beach in Costa Rica. This extreme two-story tree house featured on YouTube may not fall into the guidelines of what a rational person would consider the normal, but the owners of this tropical paradise might argue the point with you. Owner Carmen Dobles built the stylish four bedroom home that features a massive spiral staircase with completely eco-friendly supplies. More here:

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