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No Cost and Low Cost Home Energy Saving Tips

Here you will find some great Home Energy Saving Tips. Some are absolutely free and some are quite inexpensive. A few of these suggestions require a little bit of effort but it’s worth it.

Even if you live in an apartment or rent someone else’s house, these Energy Saving Tips can help lower your electric bill and save money.

Photo of a fan that has been unplugged.Unplug Appliances That Are Not Being Used.

Even when they are turned off, appliances still use energy while they are plugged in.

Unplugging your appliances isn’t going to save a ton on your energy bill but it’s easy, it’s free and every little bit helps!

Turn Off Appliances When No One is Using Them.

This is one of those Energy Saving Tips we all know about but is sometimes hard to get the kids (or sometimes even the husband… or wife) to remember. If the television is on and no one is watching it, it’s just wasting energy and money.

Photo of a television on and no one watching it.

Always Look For Energy Star.

This international program which is backed by the government helps both individuals and businesses be more energy efficient.

When shopping for appliances look for the Energy Star symbol which is only awarded to products that meet strict energy efficiency requirements.

Adjust Thermostats Appropriately.

Overheating and overcooling your home will cost you. Keep the thermostat set at a comfortable temperature without going overboard and turn off yourheater and air conditioner when no one is home. In extreme climates where it is not possible to turn them off completely, you can certainly adjust them so they use less energy.

Especially if you are often away from home or if you have a pet or plants, consider a programmable thermostat.

If you rent, take your programmable thermostat with you when you move!

Photo of a toaster oven.Use Smaller Heating Appliances Instead of the Oven for Small Meals.

Instead of heating up the whole oven, use a toaster oven or microwave if you have them. They will use less energy.

Replace Regular Light Bulbs With Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL’s).

A CFL is a fluorescent light that fits into a regular light socket. They last about 10 times longer than regular lighting and use about 1/4 the energy.

If you rent, take you CFL’s with you when you move!

Keep the Heat Out When it’s Sunny and Hot.

Window Coverings can help block the sun’s heat so your cooling system won’t have to work so hard.

Check Windows and Doors for Air Leaking In.

Seal any holes, gaps or cracks where air can leak in. If you are on a budget, rolled up towels will work too. Otherwise, caulking and weather stripping are commonly used.

Replace Poor Sealing on Refrigerator and Freezer Doors.

How to test for poor sealing:
Close the door on a piece of paper then gently, try to pull the paper out.

If the paper comes out easily, the seal is not tight, cold air could be leaking out and you could be wasting energy and money.

If the paper stays put, the seal is good.

Photo of a pot on the stove with the lid on.Cover Water When Heating It So It Heats Faster.

One of those free and SUPER easy Energy Saving Tips!

Replace Dirty Filters and Coils.

Check your refrigerator and furnace every six months and replace when necessary.

Consider a Water Heater Blanket.

This is not appropriate for all water heaters, especially newer ones and can even be a fire hazard so do research before getting one.

If you can feel heat when you touch your water heater, a blanket can help insulate it. If you rent, take the water heater blanket with you when you move!.

Here you can find out how to be more energy efficient with a luxurious steam shower in your own home.

Hang Out Laundry Instead of Using the Dryer.

If you don’t have a backyard to put up a proper clothesline, you can get an inexpensive drying rack or camping clothesline for indoors. Stair banisters can work too.

Especially if you live in an apartment, this Energy Saving Tip could take a bit of effort but is definitely worth it. Each load of laundry you hang out is energy saved and money in your pocket.

If you have a large bed, limiting its location to be near a window, it may be worthwhile getting a small bed from the bedstar store and placing it in a warmer location. You can also find other ways to make you bed warmer so you can keep the heating at a lower temperature.

Kettle and French Press.Coffee Drinkers:
Try A Cafetiere or French Press

When using a cafetiere or French Press, you only use energy to heat the water initially because the cafetiere itself doesn’t use electricity. Coffee makers use energy to heat the water and brew the coffee and often get left on all day using even more energy.

It doesn’t matter if you clean it before or after you use the dryer as long as you do it every time. The dryer will run more efficiently with a clean lint trap.

Use Area Rugs to Help Keep Rooms Warm.

This Energy Saving Tip goes back to the middle ages when they had no central heating and it still works today. Back then they even put rugs up on the walls.

Fix Leaking Taps and Faucets.

This Energy Saving Tip can save water too. If a tap or faucet is leaking hot water, it is wasting energy, water and money.

Use Energy Saving Air Dry on the Dishwasher.

The dishes will still dry nicely without the heat and you will save energy. For more easy tips on home energy efficiency systems, consult with your electricians today, if your within the Sydney area, can help.

Want more ways to Make Your Home
Energy Efficient?

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