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Energy-Saving Weather Stripping & Window Coverings!

by Harvey Bond
(Columbus, Ohio, USA)

You probably have temperature-controlling appliances within your home. Such equipment are like investments that ensure that you will be comfortable within your home whether the temperature is scorching outside during summer or extremely freezing during winter.

But you must also have an idea of how much electricity is being consumed by such temperature controlling appliances. Homeowners who have and use them at home will readily attest that their monthly electric bills are way too high because of the usage of such appliances.

While it is true that you can live at home without cooling and heating system, it would make your stay inside your own home extremely miserable. Homes are built to serve as your place of refuge where you can rest and relax after a long day’s work. How can you do so if the temperature inside is unbearable?

It is estimated that your cooling and heating system used at home can take up a bulk of your monthly electricity bill. While it is true that using such appliances naturally makes electricity consumption much higher, there are still several factors that further cause higher electric bills as you use such temperature controlling equipments.

Of course, in using almost all appliances, there are several activities that will help ensure conservation of energy, and ultimately help you lower your monthly electricity bills. When using your heating and cooling systems at home, there are some ways that can help you maximize the appliances’ uses and functions.

There are home accessories that will help heating and cooling systems function better and uninterrupted. Take note that if the airflow within your home is regulated, your temperature-controlling appliances will function better and more efficiently.

Thus, you should make sure your windows and doors are tightly sealed and closed every time to make sure the conditioned air inside your house due to the use of heating and cooling systems won’t leak out. Ensuring this will make sure the temperature inside your home is just how you want it to be. Electricity consumption will also be significantly lowered.

Weather Stripping:

There might be small crevices and cracks around your windows and your doors. There surely are small spaces and holes where air can flow in and flow out. Did you know that you could regulate airflow and temperature inside your house by filling in those cracks, crevices and small holes in your doors and windows?

That is the exact function of weather stripping. Weather stripping close gaps produced by spaces in windows and doors. Thus, there won’t be much air and temperature leakage. If you are planning to install weather stripping at your doors and windows, contact professionals who can do more effectively.

Replacing and installing weather stripping is also made easier nowadays with the ready made and easy to install weather stripping for doors and windows. There are those that just have to be pasted or attached so it won’t be a big hassle for you.

Window Coverings:

You could also install window covering to help maximize the functions of your cooling systems. Windows are effective mediums of heat transfer from the outside of your house to the inside. Thus, during hot summer days, you may notice that warm air gets inside your house through the window.

Even if your windows are closed and your air conditioner is working during summers, hot air can get through the window in the form of radiation. And that would very well affect the function of your cooling system. As warm air continuously flows inside the house, the air conditioner will strive to work harder, using more electricity in the process.

Thus, you need to buy or make window coverings that are energy efficient. Curtains and blinds can very well function as good window coverings. Through using such home accessories, radiation flow is minimized and airflow within your house is becoming more regulated.

Buying curtains and blinds won’t be a problem. All you have to do is to visit your trusted home furnishing shop. Such products are now made easier to install so it won’t take long before you have your window coverings in place.

Updated: May 4, 2013 — 11:21 am

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