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Energy Efficient Window Coverings

There’s no question-

Energy Efficient Window Coverings
Will Save You Energy and Money!

Both Energy Efficient Windows and Energy Efficient Window Coverings offer wonderful energy savings as well as protection from the sun! Even if you have less than perfect windows and are not ready to invest in new ones, energy saving blinds and other window coverings work great, help brighten your home and give you extra privacy.

How Window Coverings Add Energy Efficiency

Window Coverings can stop the heat from entering your home when it’s hot and keep the warmth in when it’s cold. For warmer weather, shading windows from the outside is generally more effective than shading them from the inside. Shading from the outside stops the sun’s heat before it even enters the home.

Choosing the right combination of Interior and Exterior Window Coverings for you and your home can significantly increase Energy Efficiency while you add that unique personal touch. You have many styles and colors to explore so have fun!

~Curtains and Blinds

Because they are on the inside and are available in so many fabrics and styles, curtains and blinds can really add personality to your home while increasing Energy Efficiency. Why not try fabric roman blinds or maybe white venetian blinds or how about unique bamboo shades to make your home look more attractive, or if you’re feeling really creative and would like something no one else has, you could make your own!

~Window Shades

give a room a different look than curtains and also come in a variety of materials and colors.

View all RollerSolar Shades

~Window Shutters

You can find both exterior and interior window shutters in a variety of colors and materials. These make excellent energy efficient window coverings!

View all Plantation Shutters

Fauxwood Shutters

~Solar Screens

Like Shutters, they can go on the inside or outside of the window and come in a variety of styles.

~Window Film or Window Tinting

adheres directly to the glass. Adds energy efficiency and reduces glare.

~Shade Trees and Shrubs

Planting trees and shrubs so that they shade windows is a great way to keep out the sun and not only are external energy efficient window coverings, but add color and life to your yard.

window awning


are another way to shade your windows from the outside.

You can also buy retractable awnings. If it’s cold outside but sunny and you want to let the heat in, you just retract the awning.

Photo of a window from the outside.
On A Tight Budget?
Using light colored sheets and towels to shield the sun works well too. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Something simple will still save energy. You may have something in the closet already or you could pick something up cheap at a discount or thrift store.

The window shown on the right has a regular white sheet between the glass and the interior blinds to help keep more sun out.

Do It Yourself vs. Hiring a Professional

When it comes to Energy Efficient Window Coverings you have many do it yourself options. You can even make your own for a truly unique style. If you need some help or aren’t sure what you want, you might want to hire a professional. This is also a good idea if you have a large project or specialty windows that require someone with experience.

What To Expect When You Do It YourselfWhat To Expect When You Hire A Professional

Safety First!

You’ll want Window Coverings that are Energy Efficient AND safe for your family. Is the material safe? What about the cords? Can children and pets reach them and possibly get hurt? If so, make sure the cords are safe and/or out of reach of little ones. Some window coverings even have cordless options.

Protect children & pets with FREE safety tassels from

With so many different types of Energy Efficient Window Coverings, you’re sure to find one that fits your home. Many can be installed quickly so you can start saving energy and money right away!

One More Thing… Don’t forget to check your windows and doors for air leaking in. Air leaks make your heating and cooling work harder and increase energy bills unnecessarily. It’s a good idea to take care of any leaks as soon as possible.

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