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Energy Efficient Water Heaters

We all need hot water and that costs money. If we use more Energy Efficient Water Heaters, we save energy and money!

We use hot water to clean our clothes, our dishes, our homes as well as to bathe in. Heating water requires energy and energy costs money. If we can use less energy to heat our water, we can also save money.

There are several Energy Efficient Water Heating choices available, to find the best one locally for your home we recommend that you search online as you will find lot’s of economic water heaters there.

On Demand Hot Water Heaters

This type of water heater does not store warm water like a traditional tank water heater and can use gas, electricity or propane. They are also called Tankless Hot Water Heaters and Instant Hot Water Heaters. best tankless water heater is the Fortis with 99% energy efficiency and savings from 10% to 40% on heating costs.

Solar Hot Water Heaters

Use the sun’s energy to heat your water and save energy. Solar heaters can be used in cooler climates too. Use them as your main source for hot water or as a back-up to other non solar heaters.

Photo of a traditional tank water heater.

Traditional Tank Water Heaters

Very common, but not the most energy efficient. Often, the best option is to replace your tank water heater with a more Energy Efficient one.

In the meantime, or as you attempt to convince your landlord to replace your water heater, here are a few tricks you can use to increase the heater’s Energy Efficiency.

Consider a Water Heater Blanket

This is not appropriate for all water heaters, especially newer ones and can even be a fire hazard so do research before getting one.

If you can feel heat when you touch your water heater, you are losing heat that you’ve paid to produce. A blanket can help insulate the tank and keep all the heat it saving energy and money.

Reduce Water Temperature

Lowering the temperature to which the water is heated reduces energy usage and saves money.

When you are on vacation, you can lower the water temperature even more. If no one is home, there is no need to keep the water in the tank hot. Just don’t forget to turn it back up when you get home!.

It’s Time to Start Saving

Heating water generally represents a significant percentage of a household’s energy usage. A bad water heater can really have a negative impact on your bill!. Let Energy Efficient Water Heaters save you money by saving you energy!.

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