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Energy Efficient Washer

If you have an older washer, it probably uses more hot water and energy than a newer Energy Efficient Washer and that means a higher energy bill for you. If you need a new washer or are buying one for the first time, take a look at the many energy saving models and features available that save energy and money. You may be tempted to consider the cheaper and less efficient models but when you factor in maintenance costs and cost to operate, an Energy Efficient Washer will be less expensive in the long run.

Front Loading vs. Top Loading Washers

Your first choice when buying an Energy Efficient Washer is whether you want front loading or top loading.

Top loading washers can be more convenient than bending down to get to the door of a front loading washer, however they are usually less Energy Efficient. There are some top loading washers that are just as efficient as front loaders but they are still rather pricey.

So what makes a front loading washer more Energy Efficient? 

In general, Front Loading Washers use less energy and less water than Top Loading Washers. Some newer top loaders are as efficient as front loaders but still tend to be more expensive.

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Less Energy
Once a Front Loading Washer gets going, it virtually spins itself. Compare for yourself. When you’re in the store shopping for your new Energy Efficient Washer, try spinning a Top Loading and a Front Loading Washer. You’ll see that the Top Loader stops very soon, if you can spin it at all, while the Front Loader keeps going.

Less Water
A Top Loader must stay full if it’s going to keep your clothes wet. A Front Loader, on the other hand, tumbles the clothes around into the water on the bottom. It doesn’t need to be full so it uses less water. Because so much of the energy a washer uses is for heating the water, a washer that uses less hot water uses less energy.

The front loading style can help save your clothes too. Most Top Loaders use agitators which are harsh on clothes. (A few newer, and pricier, models don’t.) Front Loaders have no agitator so they are more gentle and your clothes will last longer.


The water settings are important to consider. It’s getting easier to control the water usage so that doing a small load in a newer, better machine isn’t as wasteful as it was in the older one.

A high speed spin cycle is something to take a look at. The faster spin gets more water out of the clothes which cuts down the drying time.

What to look for when purchasing a washer

A typical washing machine uses at least 500 watts of energy. One easy way to save energy is to look for energy efficient washing machines. Here’s a list of the top ten energy efficient washing machines for you to choose from, courtesy of

Look for Energy Star This label tells consumers that the product has met strict energy efficiency guidelines so you can be sure of the product’s efficiency that will also save money. Energy Star Washers are very common, almost standard so some companies don’t display the label clearly on the appliance itself. It should be on the store’s product description but if you don’t see it, be sure and ask.

Look at the labels Energy usage labels that are attached to display models of many appliances can also provide valuable energy information. The guide may have a different name depending on what country you are in. You’ll see a black and yellow card called an Energy Guide in the United States, a black and white card called an EnerGuide Label in Canada and the EU Energy Label in European Union countries.

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